Free SAT Practice Test Near Me

Impress yourself with your SAT score without breaking your budget. Livius Prep provides free SAT prep and practice test analysis that’s always “near me” because it’s hosted online!

The testing professionals of Livius Prep apply our time-tested methodology to every course offered. Over 37+ years of experience in the industry, we’ve perfected all of the elements needed to offer the highest quality academic tutoring, exam preparation, and college counseling for students in the local area and nationwide via virtual means.

Livius Prep Stats:

  • Over 1,000,000 tutoring hours provided
  • Over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores
  • Over 5,000 Ivy League admissions
  • An average $30,000 in academic-based scholarships per student

Invest in yourself, and your future, by choosing Livius Prep for preparation.

The Livius Prep Tutor Pool

The tutor that you have for a preparation session makes a significant difference on the outcome. At Livius Prep, you can rely on every tutor to be incredibly well-educated, thoroughly vetted, and trained even further. Beyond this quality, we also provide a best-fit promise. If the tutor assigned doesn’t suit your temperament, learning style, or other quality, let us know after the first session for a newly assigned tutor and a credit for the session wasted.

Every program that we offer leverages our very own methodology: Livius 8+. The steps follow a specific path toward individualized courses for students, and each begins with a FREE Comparison test as well as a FREE Foundations course.

  1. Compare – SAT vs ACT – which is right for you?
  2. Match – the tutor and class level to the student.
  3. Plan – follow a custom path of preparation based on score analysis from a practice exam.
  4. Enlighten – develop skills for taking the test and fill in gaps in knowledge.
  5. Practice – targeted and frequent practice, practice, practice.
  6. Challenge – practice with rigorous content and realistic conditions.
  7. Adapt – preparation efforts to areas with maximum score return.
  8. Execute – approach toward test on the day of exam.

Livius Prep has proven results. Our students average a 215-point increase when they retake the SAT following participation in one of our programs.

Students who come to us can expect an individualized approach to preparation. This process allows us to provide more efficient tutoring for the best possible results.

Follow Through with Livius Prep SAT Exam Prep

  • Prep Fundamentals – 12 weeks of unlimited access to an online program that adapts to student performance, gaining rigor as performance improves. The program offers immediate feedback and parental updates regularly. For the best results possible, students should engage with the program 30 minutes/day.
  • 12 Hours of Private Online Tutoring – Virtual based one-on-one tutoring with access to all online resources.
  • 12 Hours of Private In-Center Tutoring – In-person tutoring, available in Lexington, Wellesley, and Newton, MA, includes access to online resources and Mastering & Secrets of the SAT.

Know the SAT

When the SAT exam looms large on your calendar, begin preparing by knowing what to expect!

The exam has two major sections: Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. The total score ranges from 400-1600, with the perfect score being a 1600. This score comes from a summation of the scores on each major section.

Shoot for 1600 on the SAT test with free practice and preparation from Livius Prep that is “near me” no matter where that means. We provide online and in-person options, driven by a student-centered and research-proven methodology. To schedule your session or discover more about our programs, call (800) 428-8378 or follow this link.