Free SAT Classes

When students in your care face an upcoming SAT exam, help them prepare with free SAT classes with Livius Prep. We offer online courses from students everywhere as well as in-person tutoring at centers in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA. Our professional tutors are experienced and dedicated to helping students do their best on these life-changing exams.

Time for SAT Preparation

Free Sat ClassesSAT prep courses aren’t just for the unprepared. All students can improve; perfect scores rarely happen without effort. Livius Prep provides two FREE services, designed for students to determine exactly how far from their scores they may be.

The FREE ACT/SAT Comparison Test

The test that we provide for students to determine which college readiness exam they should take is offered without charge. The results will let students know which test will be better suited to their abilities, but they also provide more information about challenging questions and how to approach them.

The FREE SAT Foundations Course

The Foundations Course offered by Livius Prep is a two class course held over the term of one week and led by a testing specialist. This professional will guide students to a deep understanding of mastering challenging testing situations and questions. The SAT exam tests how students think by posing specifically designed questions, and our methods will help students tackle them effectively.

When the Foundations course ends, you can pay $50 to sit for a proctored exam, the results of which provide data and insight into weaknesses and strengths for the creation of a targeted blueprint. We will walk you through these results during a meeting where we will review your ten-page analysis and plan report.

After reviewing this material, you can choose one of our Prep Programs or continue with preparation on your own.

All of our programs are individually focused with a best-fit tutor. The tutors are well-trained and hail from some of the best universities in the country. The tutoring staff here at Paragon Flight function as employees, not independent contractors, and they remain with us for an average of seven years. If the first tutor provided fails to mesh with your personality or teaching style, we will provide a replacement tutor, and the hour of tutoring received will not count against your purchased program.

Livius Prep – A Premier Prep Source

Livius Prep offers 37 years of experience, a pool of stellar tutors, and proven methods and curriculum. Over the course of the past decade, we have helped students score 1,000+ perfect SAT/ACT results, over 5,000 Ivy League admissions, and $30k average per student in merit-based awards. Students who participate in our programs see a 215-point increase on average.

In-Person Tutoring at a Livius Prep Center in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA

  • One-on-one, face-to-face tutoring
  • Leverages Livius 8+ Methodology
  • Based on Mastering & Secrets of the SAT
  • Best-fit tutor match

Online Private Tutoring

  • One-on-one virtual tutoring
  • Same curriculum, adapted for online use

Prep Essentials

  • Class-based virtual tutoring

All of our programs offer access to thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests to help with preparation.

The Free SAT classes available through Livius Prep can be greatly beneficial to students whose futures rest with the results of the test. Register for the Foundations course for a clear understanding of the exam as well as the way forward in preparation.