Free SAT and ACT Test Prep Program

Register today for the free SAT and ACT test prep program from Livius Prep for an informed starting point for your preparation efforts. Our insider secrets and testing specialists will help students develop confidence in their test-taking abilities and fill gaps in their knowledge bases.

Free SAT and ACT Test Prep ProgramLivius Prep’s 37 years of research-supported tutoring, exam prep, and college counseling operate under best practices and dedication to perfection. Our reputation speaks for itself, as do our numbers:

  • 1,000+ Perfect ACT/SAT exam scores
  • 5,000+ Ivy League admissions
  • $30,000 average in academic-based scholarships per student
  • 1,000,000+ tutoring hours provided
  • 37 years in the industry

Importance of College Readiness Exams

The SAT and ACT exams are objective college readiness measurements that indicate students’ potential for success in the higher learning setting. The tests are accepted interchangeably by the vast majority of colleges and universities, but that doesn’t mean they are identical.

The SAT has two sections – Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and the ACT has four sections – Science Reasoning, Math, English Language, and Reading.

A great score can open doors, so taking the test that is more likely to result in that score is critical. Livius Prep offers a FREE resource to help with the decision. Register for the ACT/SAT Comparison Test to discover which test matches your aptitudes. You’ll receive feedback regarding nine areas for targeted study as well as information about how the pitfalls of test-taking affect the score.

Preparing for the SAT and ACT Exam

Once you know which college readiness exam is better for you, begin preparing with Livius Prep!

An ideal place to start is with our FREE Foundations Course.

Step One – Participate in two live, virtual classes over a one-week period. Students benefit from the experience and expertise of our specialists as they learn tricks for overcoming testing pitfalls.

Step Two – Practice test, proctored, online, and live, with a $50 opt-in fee.

Step Three – Score Improvement Analysis in the form of a 10 page report that provides an individualized map for preparation. This feedback can be used independently for study or with us. If you choose Livius Prep, we will credit the $50 from the program expense.

Livius Prep SAT and ACT Exam Prep Options

  • Prep Fundamentals – For ideal results, students should spend 30 minutes per day participating in 12 weeks of unlimited access to an adaptable virtual program for preparation where the rigor of the program increases with student performance. The program also provides instant feedback to students and progress updates to parents.
  • 12 Hours Online Private Tutoring – one-on-one virtual preparation paired with Online Essentials; includes access to thousands of online practice questions and full-length practice tests; Mastering & Secrets of the SAT or ACT; and a simulated practice test with score analysis and feedback.
  • 12 Hours In-Center Private Tutoring – one-on-one tutoring in-person at one of our facilities in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley; Mastering & Secrets of the SAT or ACT; employs Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement; and a simulated practice test with feedback.

The free SAT and ACT test prep program from Livius Prep allows students with every budget to prioritize their efforts. If you’d like to take advantage of this service or any of our other programs, call 800-428-8378 or contact us online.