Free SAT and ACT Prep Classes

Top-notch scores on the SAT and ACT pave the way to opportunities for scholarships, admissions into the best higher learning institutions, and placement into the Honors College or Honors dorming system. Livius Prep meets students with free SAT and ACT prep classes that provide a foundation for growth toward exam mastery.

Choose the Right Test

Free Sat and Act Prep Classes

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Students don’t need to take both the SAT and ACT unless they just want to. Both tests are generally accepted by colleges and universities, so you can choose the one that better meshes with your knowledge-base and skills.

The SAT exam speaks to critical thinkers who enjoy logic-based puzzles. The exam itself has a language section and a math section scored on a range from 200-800 with a cumulative final score of 400-1600.

The ACT is better suited to students with a broad-base of knowledge and the ability to apply the criteria. This exam includes a Reading, Language, Science Reasoning, and Math section, each scored up to 36 with a final score that is an average of all four sections.

Livius Prep offers a FREE ACT/SAT Comparison test. This free tool helps students decide which of the two college readiness exams they should take, and it helps hone their preparation efforts. The differences between the two exams drive different preparation measures and content as well.

Whether you ultimately decide to take the ACT or SAT, your goal should be to do as well as possible, and the Free Foundations courses that we provide will help in this pursuit.

The ACT or SAT Foundations Course from Livius Prep prepares students with increased confidence and test-taking strategies. The program is one-week in duration with two live classroom sessions, hosted online. After the week of training, we offer the opportunity to sit for a live, proctored exam, also hosted online, for a $50 fee.

This exam provides much more than practice and a boost of prepared confidence. It also produces a set of data that our experts use to create a ten-page report including score analysis and a suggested program for targeted preparation. We will schedule an appointment to review this report with one of our exam specialists.

At this point, if you choose to continue with one of our tutoring programs for targeted improvement of your SAT or ACT exam score, we will leverage the 8+ Methodology whether you choose Prep Essentials, a class-based online tutoring program; 12-Hours Online 1-on-1 tutoring; or 12-Hours on-site tutoring at one of our locations in Wellesley, Newton, or Lexington, MA. We will also credit the initial $50 fee for the proctored exam from the cost of the program chosen.

Highlights of Livius Prep

  • Increased scores – an average of 215-points on the SAT and an average of 6-points on the ACT
  • 37 years of tutoring operations
  • 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT test scores
  • 5,000+ Ivy League admissions
  • $30k average in merit-based scholarships per student

Livius Prep employs a customized approach to tutoring that targets students as they are and helps them grow by providing the best quality tutors and methodology.

Amplify your SAT and ACT scores with prep classes from Livius Prep. We’ll be happy to explain our process and bona fides with a call placed to (800) 428-8378 to speak with the customer support team.