Free Online ACT Test Prep

A superior ACT test score can help you demonstrate your academic skills and provide you with more college options and better scholarship chances. Take advantage of free online ACT test prep from Livius Prep to learn test strategies that are not taught anywhere else.

About Us

Free Online ACT Test Prep

Livius Prep, headquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, has more than 35 years of experience in providing results-driven tutoring, test prep, and college admission programs to students and families.

Our expert strategies for SAT and ACT test prep, including the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement, are paired with a dedication to service and relationship-building with families in an approach that’s unique to the industry.

About the ACT

The ACT is the most popular college admission test in the world – even more popular than the SAT – and is accepted by every college in America that accepts the SAT.

There are four sections: English, Math, Reading and Science, plus an optional Writing Test (essay). It is a 2 hour and 55-minute test, but the total testing time increases to 3 hours and 40 minutes for students who take the optional Writing Test.

The ACT contains nearly two times as many grammar questions as the SAT, the Reading passages are longer, the Math is more advanced, and it has a Science section, which the SAT does not. The ACT is a great alternative to the SAT but may require a significant amount of tutoring in order to meet or exceed your target scores.

About Livius ACT Test Prep

Livius’ online ACT prep takes place in a virtual classroom. Options include:

  • Prep Essentials, an online platform that features thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests. Students participate in 12 hours of live online class instruction and ask questions like they would in an in-person classroom.
  • 12 Hours Online Private Tutoring, which provides 1-to-1 private test prep with Online Essentials and access to our online platform that features thousands of practice questions.

At Livius, we never subject students to one-size-fits-all lectures in which half the class is confused and the other half is bored. On the contrary, our classes are fun, meaningful, and effective.

Concepts are taught, practiced, drilled, and dissected within the group. Tutors provide introductions to ideas, concepts, and strategies, and then provide guidance as students actively engage in discussions, arguments, explanations, and conclusions.

Our completely unique and innovative approach includes instruction based on the Mastering and Secrets of the ACT books and is accompanied by simulated practice tests and score analysis.

Our test prep sessions are designed to provide skill-building exercises and strategies that give students the highest odds of answering each and every question correctly.

Students who are ready to experience the best free online ACT test prep should get in touch with Livius Prep at 800-428-8378 to learn more about our innovative services.