Free Full Length SAT Practice Test

Guarantee admission into your choice of institution of higher learning by performing well on the SAT. Ambitious goals require diligent preparation, and a great place to begin is with a free full length SAT practice test. Livius Prep offers this benefit, as well as in-person and virtual exam prep options.

Free Full Length SAT Practice TestThe academic assistance available from Livius Prep is some of the best available in the nation. For the past three-plus decades, we have offered academic tutoring, high school admittance and college readiness exam prep, and college counseling.

As we provide services, we utilize a research-based methodology and curriculum as well as a staff of thoroughly vetted and trained tutors.

Hallmarks of Livius Prep:

  • 1,000,000+ hours of tutoring provided
  • 1,000+ perfect SAT/ACT exam scores
  • 5,000+ Ivy League admissions
  • An average of $30,000 in merit-based scholarships per student

The SAT exam prep that we at Livius Prep offer focuses on improving the approach to taking the tests as well as filling in learning deficits. To do so, we leverage the outstanding base of tutors, our Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement, and Mastering & Secrets of the SAT.

Understanding SAT Exam Scores

College readiness exams inform admission and scholarship decision makers regarding a student’s potential for performance in higher learning. The scores are widely considered the most objective measure that these boards consider and are also used for course placement in either honors or remedial classes.

A low SAT score can actually mean that your application will be sent directly into the trash and not even considered. As diligently as you work to accrue extracurriculars, letters of recommendation, and essay perfection, make sure that your SAT score surpasses the limit of consideration.

The Livius Prep Process of Preparation

The preparation received from Livius Prep will begin with a practice test in order to create a blueprint for further efforts. We provide a best-fit tutor promise from among our pool of highly trained, thoroughly vetted, and quality educated tutors. Our tutors matriculate from some of the most prestigious universities in the country.

All of our programs follow the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement:

  • Compare the SAT and ACT to determine the better fit for you;
  • Match the student to the best-fit tutor/class level;
  • Plan a blueprint for improvement based on initial testing data;
  • Enlighten the student with strategies for testing and targeted information;
  • Practice with guided practice as well as independent practice to build confidence and abilities;
  • Challenge the student with simulated testing;
  • Adapt tutoring to prioritize preparation for maximum return;
  • Execute the test-taking plan on exam day.

SAT Preparation Programs with Livius Prep

  • Free Foundations Course – two live classes held online over the course of a week that culminates in a live, proctored exam that simulates testing conditions.
  • Online Private Tutoring – 1:1 tutoring leveraging curriculum adapted for virtual application, beginning with an SAT/ACT exam to create a map for improvement.
  • Counseling + Tutoring Bundles – receive help with a range of elements related to applying for college from composing an appropriate essay to filling out financial aid forms, performing well on the SAT or ACT, and more.

The best place to begin preparing for the SAT is with a free full length practice test, like those available from Livius Prep. We provide students with assistance that suits all budgets and all students, and you can discover more about our programs by calling (800) 428-8378 or following this link.