Free ACT Test Prep

Before the day of your ACT exam arrives, be as prepared as possible, and begin your test prep with a FREE foundations course from Livius Prep. This course is an effective, affordable way for you to begin the journey to achieving the score you’re seeking.

Breaking Down the ACT

Free ACT Test PrepThe ACT is a college readiness exam that institutions of secondary education use to establish admission qualifications, scholarships awarded, and remedial or honors placement during freshman year.

The categories tested with the ACT include English, Math, Reading, Science, and an optional Writing section.

Test takers can expect more difficult subject matter than on the SAT, but the test is more direct rather than logic-based. A perfect score is a 36 composite score. The composite is an average of the scores on the four sections of the test.

The ACT has a clearly defined time limit, which some students can find stressful. Timed practice can boost confidence to overcome this challenge. We urge students to take the ACT/SAT Comparison Test to determine which exam is most appropriate for their test-taking aptitudes.

Test Prep Courses

Programs designed for test preparation give students direction and assistance for the purpose of amplifying performance. Livius Prep offers targeted, research-based assistance based upon experience and expertise.

The ACT score range maxes out at 36, which is a composite of the scores of the English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning sections. Students who pursue Livius Prep exam prep generally see a 6-point increase in their composite scores.

The Livius Prep FREE Foundations Course

The free Foundations Course that Livius Prep offers provides a plethora of strategic methods used to approach the ACT exam while also offering the opportunity to develop a blueprint for further preparation.

The entire course requires one week of time, with two classes, led by experts in a live classroom setting. During these sessions, students will receive a rundown of valuable test-taking tips.

After completing this week-long course, students can choose to pay a $50 fee to sit for a live, proctored ACT exam on Zoom that provides a realistic environment that will allow students to develop greater confidence leading toward exam day.

Along with taking the live proctored exam, these students will be provided valuable feedback post-testing. This feedback will include a 10-page report along with a conference with an Academic Advisor. During this conference, the Advisor will run through the personalized score improvement blueprint developed through Livius Prep.

If, at this point, students choose to continue exam prep with Livius Prep, the $50 cost of the proctored exam will be credited toward the tutoring sessions.

Livius Prep – The Foremost Choice for Exam Preparation

The world of exam prep is full of options, but Livius Prep stands out. We aren’t a fly by night operation. For over 35 years, we have provided experienced- and research-based exam prep, tutoring, and college readiness counseling, and our tutors matriculate from the most elite colleges and universities in the country.

Livius Prep results speak for themselves. Our students have earned over 1,000 perfect scores on the ACT and SAT along with 2,500 Ivy League admissions. On average, students earn $30k in merit-based scholarships as well, which more than makes the investment in further preparation well worth it. Begin your preparation efforts with a FREE ACT test prep foundations course with Livius Prep.