Free ACT Practice Tests

Do you need free ACT practice tests to prepare you for the biggest test of your life to date? If so, consider the resources Livius Prep brings to the table. We offer more than one single free test. Read on to discover how our ACT courses can provide you with a guide for your targeted preparation.

All preparation should start with a plan, especially for a test as important as the ACT. Livius Prep can help you with a guided plan and a personalized approach to tutoring. We realize that students learn at different speeds and in different manners, and we train our tutors to account for these differences.

The Foundational Course for the ACT

Free ACT Practice TestsLivius Prep provides a 4-week course designed to impart skills and strategies for mastering the art of taking a test along with a brush up of content. The culmination of the course is a live-proctored examination along with an analysis of the results that serve as a blueprint for further study.

With this course, students gain invaluable training, a free practical exam, and an analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

After taking this course and receiving your results, you may choose to partake in our online tutoring options. If you do, we’ll take your blueprint, carefully choose a tutor and class level, and design a personalized program meant to fill in gaps in content knowledge and test-taking skill.

Online participation means that you can study on your schedule, which will hopefully mean more time invested!

Reviewing Fundamentals

You may find that information learned in prior years must be revisited. Perhaps your high school language arts teacher doesn’t emphasize grammar, or your advanced math doesn’t require that you mentally calculate math problems. If your foundations test demonstrates a gap in an area, brush up on your own or by taking our prep course.

Do Well by Building Confidence

When you’re well-prepared, you know it. Preparing with the experts here at Livius Prep can give you confidence by providing you with readiness. Our tutors come from the best sources of higher learning in the United States and are extremely dedicated to the success of our students.

The Successes of Livius Prep

If you’re looking for a test prep community, Livius Prep deserves consideration. We’ve been in the industry for 35 years and have provided over one million tutoring sessions in that time. Our 8+ methodology for improving test scores generally results in 6 additional points on the ACT test score.

We have led students to over 1,000 perfect ACT and SAT test scores, more than 2,000 acceptances to Ivy League Universities, and an average for each student of $30k in academic-based scholarships.

Part of the program enlists tutors to help with time-management, address areas of improvement, and guide students through strategies for every type of question. This program of preparation is directed and targeted by experts in the field.

Students can choose either 12-hours of live-classroom tutoring online or 12-hours of 1:1 tutoring. Each option’s foundation comes from Mastering and Secrets of the ACT and comes with access to thousands of questions and practice tests along with a simulated practice test and analysis of the results.

For free ACT practice tests, look to Livius Prep. Our quality courses provide incredible tutoring and guidance based on proven methods. Begin your preparation today by calling (800) 428-8378 or contacting us online.