Free ACT Practice Test

Much of high school is spent planning for the future, and students generally have a first-choice school along with a few backups when they plan to pursue higher education. The most straightforward way to amplify your chances of gaining admissions and scholarships to the school of your choice is to do well on the ACT or SAT. Why not start this plan with a free ACT practice test from Livius Prep?

Free ACT Practice TestAn ACT practice test will give you a baseline of where to start in your preparation efforts. When the results of that test can also be analyzed by experts in the field, even better.

The practice tests found online are generally either low quality or expensive. Finding preparation measures that are budget friendly and high quality is an excellent find. Livius Prep provides a range of products and services that meet any budget.

Take Advantage of the Free Offerings by Livius Prep

The Free Comparison test offered by Livius Prep does more than tell students which test, the ACT or SAT, they’re apt to master.

This test also provides a report that includes the nine priority areas for your study plan based upon your individual performance. By improving these areas, your preparation will repay you with the most score increase for your time.

Another key that this test can show to students is how they fare against common testing challenges including informed guesses, time management, test anxiety, and even deceptive questions intended to catch the careless off guard.

The hallmarks of Livius Prep test score improvement combine a strong foundation regarding taking the test itself and developing a plan for improving performance. With these two keys, you can pursue the type of prep best suited for you, whether that’s independent study, classroom tutoring, or one-on-one exam prep sessions. Attempting to prepare without the two keys will be time misspent.

After completing the Free ACT/SAT Comparison test, you will attend a consultation with a Score Advisor who will break down the individual score improvement report for you.

Livius Prep also offers a FREE Foundations Course to provide you with training to overcome testing challenges. This free course includes two live classroom-based sessions led by a testing expert and hosted online.

Upon completion of this week-long program, students have the option to sit for a proctored, online practice test for a $50 fee. This practice test provides a confidence boost and data to create a plan for improvement.

After completion of the live exam, we will create and provide a 10-page feedback report along with a conference with an Academic Advisor. Following a walk-through of the score improvement blueprint, the student can choose whether he or she would like to continue with Livius Prep tutoring or continue with self-study or another option. The $50 fee for sitting for the exam will be credited toward the cost of tutoring sessions with Livius Prep.

Why Choose Livius Prep?

  • 37 years of experience in the test prep industry
  • More than 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT exam scores
  • More than 2,500 Ivy League admissions
  • $30k average in merit-based scholarships per student

With Free ACT practice materials including the ACT/SAT Comparison Test and the Foundations Course, Livius Prep can help you begin preparation for the exam with a clear, targeted course in mind. Discover more by calling (800) 428-8378, or register today for the online foundations course.