Find Math Tutor Online

Students the world over tremble at the thought of a math test. The subject can be extremely difficult for some students to grasp, and unfortunately, a few absences or skills missed can quickly accumulate to a huge gap in math skills. Livius Prep makes it easy to find a highly effective math tutor online.

Find Math Tutor OnlineThe tutors at Livius Prep will bring out the student in your student. We offer a best fit guarantee so that a mis-fit tutor/student pairing can be modified with a new tutor. Students learn differently, and our tutors have training in addressing various learning styles. We hire our tutors, and they stay with us for an average of seven years while other programs rely on ill-prepared freelancers.

Completing our math tutoring program produces an average of two school years of growth, and over 1,000 of our students have scored perfectly on the math sections of the ACT and SAT.

Online Math Tutoring from Livius Prep (Grades 2-8)

The online program that we offer makes use of a research-based curriculum, and we require 90% mastery of each benchmark before moving on to the next. The targeted nature of the program allows us to focus on the gaps in students’ math skills rather than wasting time on information that they’ve already mastered.

Recognizing that the abundance of online math tutoring programs means that parents can be overwhelmed with the decision. To demonstrate the worthiness of our programs, we provide a two-week trial period for FREE. Students will participate in two weekly private tutoring sessions and two weeks of access to the mastery curriculum.

The other programs that we offer provide additional benefits.

The Monthly Program

  • 4 weekly hour long 1:1 tutoring sessions
  • Expert math tutor
  • Full access to mastery curriculum
  • Homework help
  • Tutor match guarantee

12-Week Program

  • 12 weekly hour long 1:1 tutoring sessions
  • 12 weekly live group classes
  • Measurements before and after the program
  • Expert math tutors
  • Access to mastery-based math curriculum for the full semester
  • Homework help
  • Tutor match guarantee

Academic Tutoring at Livius Prep (Grades 6-12)

Livius Prep offers multiple tutoring programs for various subjects and grade levels, including math. These academic tutoring programs can be either online or in-person at one of our facilities. With private 1:1 tutoring, a mastery curriculum, and expert tutors, your student will find the remediation or enrichment he or she needs.

When you have the choice between online and in-person tutoring, the individual student’s characteristics and learning tendencies should influence the decision. Students can access online tutoring anywhere. Most students are comfortable in the digital world and have their smartphones within hands’ reach at all times.

Studying online also benefits the family’s schedule and healthiness. Limiting in-person activities is a wise move in today’s environment, and the typical family schedule has no room for an extra item on the list.

Needing a tutor can be difficult for students to accept. Being able to participate online without any of their friends knowing can help make them comfortable with the process.

Alternatively, some students need the physical presence to focus and access information. Meeting in a physical space can make students take the experience more seriously, and physically being with the tutor can help students who are cued into non-verbal communication or need physical models as explanations.

If you’re ready to start the school year on a high note, find a math tutor online at Livius Prep. Doing so will help the year continue being successful, empowering students with mathematical mastery. Learn more by calling (800) 428-8378.