English Language Arts (ELA) Tutoring Services for Schools in Massachusetts

Tutoring services available for schools in Massachusetts from Livius Prep Partnership Programs can significantly increase your district’s English Language Arts (ELA) performance. These programs may also focus on mathematics, exam prep, college admissions, and English language acquisition. We design them around identified student needs, provide community outreach, and work with the school’s efforts.

English Language Arts (ELA) Tutoring Services for Schools in MassachusettsThe professionalism, history, and skill we bring to clients are well documented. If the students in your district are dealing with consequences from instructional losses, online learning, and school closing during COVID-19, consider the benefits that Livius Prep Partnership Programs can bring. 

We operate in lockstep with teachers. Understanding that the results in the classroom and during tutoring will be amplified when working together, our tutors collaborate with school staff. As the programs continue, we track progress and adjust based on the data gleaned.

Expectations for ELA, English Language Arts, Tutoring

  • Reading – reading comprehension skills regarding literary and informational texts to gain insights, widen perspectives, explore potentialities, and grow knowledge base.
  • Writing – increase skills per idea organization and development, voice, research, and development of arguments.
  • Speaking and listening – develop the ability to contribute information and respond suitably in conversation and to develop skills required of public speakers and listening/evaluating public speech.
  • Language – demands that students improve vocabulary and use of context clues, word derivation, connotation, etc.

Tutoring with Livius Prep

The tutors here at Livius Prep are pure professionals. They come from the most elite schools in the country, and we mandate intensive training for them before we allow them to tutor our clients. Our tutors are employees rather than contractors. 

Consider our history. Over the past decade, Livius Prep has led students to over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, over 2,500 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 in academic-based scholarships per student. These past successes have earned us a reputation that we strive to live up to daily.

The Creation of a Livius Prep Partnership Program

Planning a Partnership Program is a personalized process based on the information we gain from the district and data from measurements. 

High expectations, the curriculum in line with your classrooms and state objectives, and personalized tracking guide these programs that we provide. 

Set up a meeting with our Program Director to begin developing your school’s plan. This session will pull together your school’s needs and bring them together to design a personalized course for your district. Once we create a proposal and you approve it, we’ll put it into practice and adjust it based on tracking as required.

Livius Prep Partnership Programs offer:

  • Curriculum support
  • ELA tutoring
  • Math tutoring
  • SAT, ACT, and MCAS exam prep
  • ELL support
  • College counseling
  • Online or in-person options
  • During school or after school
  • One-on-one or small group

We offer culturally responsive, affordable programs to schools. Our efforts will help students develop a strong foundation for future successes, and they’ll relieve teachers of some of their burdens. Your students will benefit from the collaboration we can provide; they deserve these advantages.

Choose English Language Arts (ELA) tutoring services from Livius Prep for schools in Massachusetts. We bring decades of experience, expert tutors, best practices, and commitment to student success. Explore these options by calling (617) 958-3303 or following this link.