Customized Tutoring Partnerships with Schools

Livius Prep’s customized tutoring partnerships with schools consider student needs and respond in a proactive, research-based manner with a carefully designed curriculum, professional tutoring services, and community outreach. We’re here on the bench waiting to help your students; call us into the game!

Customized Tutoring Partnerships with SchoolsAn entire school transformation comes when you incorporate a Livius Prep Partnership Program into the district. We prioritize personalized programs that respect students’ cultural and academic needs that encourage parent and community engagement. 

The programs that we offer help students narrow achievement gaps no matter how wide. Once students experience success, watch out! Those positive feelings can become addictive; you’ll be surprised by how driven your students may become.

One of the key ways that we differ from cookie-cutter tutoring programs is our embrace of family buy-in. Students whose families speak another language typically have families who are hesitant to reach out to the school. Livius Prep provides assistance with Mandarin and Spanish materials for family communications, and we can incorporate language programs into the partnership plan as well. The ELL program will focus on developing vocabulary, grammar skills, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. 

Additional measures that we can include in the plan include tutoring in math and language; SAT, ACT, and MCAS exam prep; and college counseling. Each Partnership Program from Livius Prep is customized. We’ll include the components of the curriculum that your school needs, with the preferred structure of the school as well. 

Our efforts work with those of teachers, in parallel, not in isolation. As we implement programs, they’ll be adjustable according to progress, feedback, and tracking.

The support of Livius Prep will begin with a consultation with the Program Director in order to learn what needs the program will meet. We’ll then pursue a best-fit process, drafting a proposal. If your school finds our proposal appropriate, we’ll start implementation so that your students’ gains begin as quickly as possible.

Regular tutoring through Livius Prep will be more effective than occasional sessions with a peer tutor or family friend. Our tutors are advanced professionals, and the structure of the programs may be one-on-one versus small-group based, in-person or online, during school or after.

If the counseling program at the area high school finds it difficult to attend to the needs of every student, consider including the Livius Prep college counseling services in your Partnership Program’s plan. We use a 2×7 process that helps students weave a thematic element into every step of the college admissions process – from the application to the essay, interview, and more.

When you trust Livius Prep to provide a Partnership Program, you’ll have a partner with a long history of established success. For nearly four decades, we’ve worked in the academic sector and have provided over one million tutoring sessions. Over this time, we’ve helped students achieve 1,000+ perfect SAT and ACT scores, 2,500+ Ivy League acceptances, and an average of $30,000 in merit-based scholarships per student.

The SAT/ACT exam prep is a critical element of applying to college. Quality scores can result in an easier path toward dream fulfillment, and a disappointing score can be an insurmountable obstacle to those dreams. Our programs offer instructions regarding how to take the test as well as a review of potential test content.

If you’re seeking customized tutoring partnerships with schools in your district, reach out to Livius Prep to discover more about our programs: (617) 958-3303.