College Counseling & Preparation Wellesley, MA

Most high schools employ a counselor to help students prepare for college admissions and the transition into college studies. Unfortunately, the number of students and amount of work left to the college counselor leaves the efforts minimal and ineffective. Fill this gap for the student in your household by choosing us. Livius Prep offers college counseling and preparation on-site in Wellesley, MA, as well as online.

College Counseling & Preparation Wellesley, MAFinding an effective college counselor is easier than you might imagine. Livius Prep provides informed, experienced college readiness counseling as well as test prep and academic tutoring. We have thirty years and over one million tutoring hours of experience. During this time, we’ve helped students achieve more than 2,000 Ivy League admissions, 1,000+ perfect scores on the ACT/SAT, and an average of $30k per student in academic-based scholarships.

Consider the Importance of a Consultation

Before signing up for any service, you should make certain that the fit is right. While we at Livius Prep make every effort to pair students with a best fit coach or counselor, we’re always happy to make adjustments.

Our pool of employees is highly experienced, matriculating from some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Convenient Access Should Be a Priority

Livius Prep offers online and in-person services. Accessibility will never be a question when you choose us. The freedom that comes with virtual services permits students to keep their part-time jobs, social obligations, and other interests while still preparing for the rigors of college admissions.

College Counseling Should Have a Personal Touch

Cookie cutter college counseling simply will not work. The right school for the student in your household will depend on interests, aptitudes, and goals. Your counselor/coach at Livius Prep will have no ulterior motives. Our only goal is to help students identify and pave their personal paths.

The Livius Prep College Counseling Options

  • College Application Essay Writing (5 hours) – 1:1 private, online assistance with composing the application essay
  • College Coaching (10 hours) – 1:1 private, online coaching in anticipation of college application and attendance
  • College Counseling (10 hours) – 1:1 private, on-site counseling in reference to college application and attendance

The Livius Prep 2×7 Methodology for College Fit relies upon two components: Strategy and Execution.

During Strategy, students identify two select themes for their college materials, and during Execution, college applicants will use these themes across seven application elements.

The route to college is long and winding, but it doesn’t have to be taken alone. Come to Livius Prep for help with any of the following:

  • Early decision/application
  • College search and top-choice college decisions
  • SAT/ACT scheduling and testing
  • Highschool coursework
  • Teacher recommendations
  • Essay composition and review
  • Extracurricular resume
  • Preparation for the college interview
  • Scholarship, grant, and student loan guidance

College counseling shouldn’t only address getting into college; it should also consider succeeding. The first semester of freshman year can be challenging socially and academically. Being mentally and academically prepared is key to thriving in a college atmosphere where time management, confidence, and priorities are key.

The college counseling and preparation offered by Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA will help college bound students overcome their individual challenges when applying to and beginning postsecondary education. To set up a program of counseling, call at your convenience: (800) 428-8378.