College Counseling & Preparation Newton, MA

The highly competitive nature of college admission and the difficulty of preparing for the challenges of college life can be overcome with the help of Livius Prep. We offer college counseling and preparation services alongside our catalog of academic tutoring and test prep services in Newton, MA and online. Secure your spot in the college of your choice and make the transition into college life successfully with our help.

The Benefits of College Counseling from Livius Prep

College Counseling & Preparation Newton, MAFor three decades, Livius Prep has provided academic support for students. We’ve provided over one million tutoring hours, and our programs offer support every step along the way for those preparing for the college experience. Whether the student in your life needs help with the college application or essay, preparing for college readiness exams, or establishing effective time management and independent study strategies, the professionals at Livius Prep are here to help.

College Counseling Strategies and Programs from Livius Prep

Our two-step program for college counseling includes Strategy and Execution. During strategy, we help students select two unique themes for focus when completing college apps, and we then help students apply those themes across seven application elements.

The three options we offer for those seeking college counseling are as follows:

  • College Application Essay Writing (5 hours) – private online help with composing the perfect essay for the college application
  • College Coaching (10 hours) – private online coaching for college-bound students
  • College Counseling (10 hours) – onsite or online private counseling for college-bound students

What to expect from counseling:

  • Guidance determining coursework, scheduling college readiness exams, and identifying the best extracurriculars and enrichment activities
  • Help to collect a list of college choices and whittle them down to priority options
  • Guidance as students request letters of recommendation, prepare for readiness exams, and begin the college essay
  • Help with arrangement and preparation for college tours and interviews
  • Assist the student with creating and staying on a schedule and on task when completing college apps

Livius Prep is able to meet students where they are and prepare them for where they want to be. Our services are available both online and on-site for a versatile approach to college readiness. Students are able to fit college coaching or counseling in on their schedules without giving up other opportunities.

Preparation for college should begin when high school begins. Colleges and universities consider the entire four years when determining admissions and scholarship awards, so students shouldn’t underestimate the importance of academic performance and extracurricular participation during the freshmen and sophomore years of high school.

The junior year will include most of the effort involved with college prep. Livius Prep is here for college counseling as well as help preparing for the all important ACT/SAT exam. Senior year should be fun, and Livius Prep can help keep it that way by keeping the college app process on schedule.

Entering college with determination, independence, and appropriate expectations will help students bridge the gap between high school and college. The coaching we provide can make sure that the student in your life doesn’t abandon the college experience when it gets tough.

If the student in your household is entering high school, nearing graduation, or ready to begin freshman year of college, provide college counseling & preparation in Newton, MA or online. We offer several programs designed to help students on their path toward success in college. To discover more, call Livius Prep at (800) 428-8378.