College Counseling & Preparation Lexington, MA

The college transition can be a make or break moment in an educational career. With the necessity of a college education for career and life success, college counseling and preparation from a service like Livius Prep in Lexington, MA can ensure that the student in your life navigates this period successfully.

College Counseling & Preparation Lexington, MALivius Prep has 35 years in the academic improvement arena. From test prep to tutoring and college readiness preparation, we’re committed to helping students achieve by developing the skills and knowledge required.

Whether the student in your household needs help qualifying for college admission or needs a bit of work in order to be college ready upon arrival, come to Livius Prep. We offer online essay prep, college coaching, and college counseling, or you can come into one of our facilities in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA.

Our bona fides include over 1 million tutoring hours provided, 1,000+ ACT/SAT scores, 2,000+ Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k per student earned in merit-based scholarships.

A Comprehensive Plan for College Readiness

Mental Readiness

Mentally prepared students succeed in college. This strength is more than knowledge and academic skill, though. Successful college experiences require confidence and determination. Our program can help foster a sense of confidence in a student that lacks this essential ingredient. Time management and independent study are integral to success in college, as is the ability to balance social and academic obligations.

Academic Readiness

Students who aspire to attend college should demonstrate academic proficiency while in high school. This proficiency doesn’t mean easy A’s either. The student’s schedule should be consistently rigorous.

Grow with Extracurriculars

College-aspiring students should engage with extracurricular activities to develop relationship and leadership skills while doing good for the larger community.

Guided Exploration

The choices students make when selecting career paths or college attendance will have lifelong ramifications. When students lack the self-awareness to make these decisions, we can guide them toward informed decisions with personality, aptitude, and other measurements..

Financial Planning

Any college plan must include finances. Families need to evaluate their ability to pay for education as well as the available financial aid, scholarships, and student loans to establish a complete financial package for college.

Readying the College Application

Completing top-choice college applications is a stressful process. Having help from professionals who understand the mindset of admission officers is incredibly helpful.

The Transition to Higher Learning

The best way to successfully transition from high school student living at home to adult college student is to prepare. Livius Prep offers college counseling services to help.

The Livius 2×7 Methodology for College Fit allows Livius Prep to help students find their way. The first step is Strategy, where students identify two themes for college applications, and the second step is Execution where we help students apply the two themes over seven different application elements.

Livius Prep College Counseling Options

  • College Application Essay Writing (5 hours) – one-on-one online assistance with preparing an essay for college applications
  • Coaching (10 hours) – one-on-one online coaching of students preparing for college
  • Counseling (10 hours) one-on-one in-center or online counseling for college-bound students

Livius Prep offers college counseling and preparation in Lexington, MA and online to help students prepare for higher learning. To discover how we can be of assistance, reach out online or call (800) 428-8378.