College Admissions Counselor Wellesley, MA

The services of a college admissions counselor from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA will promote your advancement toward the college or university of your choice. From helping compose and perfect your admissions essay to improving grades, recommendations, and exam scores; establishing a diversity of interests and charitable efforts; and otherwise setting forth the best version of you for consideration by admission boards, our counselors understand the process and can provide valuable insights.

Consider the College Application Essay

College Admissions Counselor Wellesley, MAWhen composing the essay for your college applications, the opening must grab the attention of the reader. Remember, you want to be memorable, for positive reasons.

Avoid some of the common mistakes writers make when composing college application essays. A few of these include:

  • Opening with a famous quote (Use your own words).
  • Opening with a definition (Demonstrate the word with a description of yourself.)
  • Opening with Confusing Rhetoric (Remain authentic; avoid posing to sound intelligent or sophisticated.)

Why Choose Livius Prep

Livius Prep has over 37 years in the academic, college preparedness arena. We’re dedicated to helping students on an individual basis with research-based methodologies, skilled and experienced tutors and counselors, and flexible online or in-person options.

Each student is an individual, with different goals, aptitudes, interests, and backgrounds. We pursue a thematic approach that extends to every facet of applying for college with a range of college counseling packages available.

Essay Writing Package – provides one-on-one essay assistance with a college application expert to help with the entire writing process from brainstorming to final copy.

College Counseling – This package covers the entire scope of applying for college. Choose the best schools for applications, create the essays, polish applications – all in a manner that highlights the unique features that will make you a great addition to the schools in question.

Distinguished College Counseling – Ambitious students in pursuit of the Ivy League can benefit from this package of college counseling. Our tutors are experts in the field, having led over 5,000 students into the Iveys over the last decade.

Counseling and Tutoring Bundles – This package helps students with more than one aspect of college applications. These elements could include tutoring for grades, higher SAT or ACT scores, the perfect admissions essay, and more. Applying for college can be confusing; we help students wrap up every detail for a seamless transition to the next step.

How We Counsel for College

The tutors and counselors here at Livius Prep are consummate professionals with educations from the most prestigious colleges and universities, and they’re thoroughly screened and trained.

The counselor provided for your sessions will be the best-fit possible. If you find that the one provided doesn’t mesh, let us know for a replacement and a credit for the wasted session.

Our preparation methodology comes from research and experience. More than 96% of Livius Prep students gain admissions into one of their top three choices.

Preparation for walking through the college admissions process will be more manageable, confident, and calm with the guidance of an admissions counselor from Livius Prep in Wellesley, MA. For an appointment, call (800) 428-8378 or reach out online. We also provide exam prep services for the SAT, ACT, and high school exams and academic tutoring, both online and in-person at our three locations – in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley.