College Admissions Counselor Newton, MA

College admissions season has begun, and Livius Prep in Newton, MA offers the services you need with a counselor to guide you through the maze of the application process.

College Admissions Counselor Newton, MALivius Prep has over 37 years of experience, established methods, and experienced college admission specialists. Whether you require assistance with improving your GPA, SAT or ACT exam scores, or college application or the essay, we can help. Our personalized approach offers students the ideal path toward receiving the coveted acceptance packet rather than a letter of rejection.

Make Your Way to College Admission

With appropriate support, you can be well-prepared for college application season. If you have your sights set on a specific school, employ the services of a counselor from Livius Prep. We have extensive experience and can provide a clear path forward.

High School Performance Matters

Doing well in high school matters when it comes time to apply for college admissions. Extracurricular participation, part-time employment, volunteering for community service, religious and community opportunities, and recommendations all play a role in addition to grades and college readiness exam scores. The time you have in high school should be balanced, varied, and fun, and all of this activity, effort, and earned regard will be extremely important for your application.

Design a Concrete Plan for College Admissions

As a high school student, you may not understand the intricacies of college admissions and expectations. Exploring your interests, researching colleges, writing essays, planning for attendance, and securing financing are all major concerns. Livius Prep college counseling specialists can help with each of these concerns.

Submit College Applications

When the time comes to submit your college applications, do so without worry, knowing that you’ve done all you could do. As the acceptance packets come rolling in, the time for serious decisions begins. Your college counselor here at Livius Prep will help you weigh the features of the school, your goals, and various other factors to help you make the best choice for you.

Livius Prep College Counseling Packages:

  • Essay Writing Package – From pre-writing to final copy, perfect your admissions essay with the help of an expert.
  • College Counseling – Walk through the entire college admissions process with the help of an informed specialist.
  • Distinguished College Counseling – Ambitious students with an eye on the Ivy League should choose this option to enjoy the best chance of top-notch admissions.
  • Counseling and Tutoring Bundles – If you require help with more than the application, consider this option. Our tutors and counselors will help with the application, essay, financial aid, timeline, GPA, and even SAT/ACT exam prep.

About Livius Prep

With over 37 years of experience, Livius Prep tutors and counselors leverage research-based methodologies with a student-centered, targeted approach. The support that we provide works. Over 96% of Livius Prep students are admitted into one of their top three choice schools. The strong customer service that we offer is designed to provide fully satisfactory experiences to all students. Over the past ten years alone, our students have earned 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, 5,000+ Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30,000 per student in academic-based scholarships.

In pursuit of your higher education ambitions, a college admissions counselor from Livius Prep in Newton, MA can be of great assistance. Polish your college applications and essay, maximize your transcript and GPA, and choose the best school for your plans and situation. Learn more today by reaching out online or calling (800) 428-8378.