College Admissions Counselor Lexington, MA

A premiere college admissions counselor from Livius Prep in Lexington, MA will make an overwhelming time, easier; a critical time, successful; and a revolutionary time, seamless. We cater to either online or in-person preferences with experienced professionals in the counseling and tutoring arenas.

College Admissions Counselor Lexington, MAOver 37 years in the college readiness arena have allowed us to create and perfect our own methodologies, based upon research and experience. The student is the focus of our efforts as we look to individual aptitudes, weaknesses, knowledge bases, and learning styles.

The Assistance of a Livius Prep College Counselor

The services of a Livius Prep college counselor can be linchpin in the successful pursuit of the ideal college admissions plan. High school counselors are pulled in hundreds of different directions. Imagine the benefits of help from a dedicated counselor for your individual goals.

College Admissions Counseling

Livius Prep offers college counseling from experts in the college admissions arena. We provide a best-fit counselor match and will switch up the provided counselor and add back the session to the package allotment.

As you consider the college counselor for your interests, bear in mind that Livius Prep is committed to a student-centered, expert-guided, comprehensive approach to college counseling with several packages available.

A Livius Prep counselor is like having your own coach, adviser, and tutor in one! Our specialists hail from the top colleges and universities in the nation with an average of seven years spent with us. We don’t rely on freelancers or fly-by-night contractors, and since we’re available both online and in-person at our onsite facilities in Lexington, Wellesley, and Newton.

Whether you dream of the Iveys, have a particular occupational field in mind, or prefer to live in a specific region of the country, just any school is not the best fit for you. We endeavor to help students find their best-fit institution for higher learning.

Consider the full range of packages offered by Livius Prep:

  • Essay Writing Package – help with all aspects of writing the ideal essay for you
  • College Counseling – comprehensive assistance throughout college admissions process
  • Distinguished College Counseling – full college admissions package with focus on Ivy League acceptance
  • Counseling and Tutoring Bundles – enhance your transcript and ACT/SAT exam scores along with your college apps

We provide close guidance for all of the following issues. Speak with our customer service staff to discuss which you need and what package will most readily fulfill them:

  • Searching for the colleges to apply to and compiling a list for applications
  • Maximizing and sending ACT/SAT exam scores
  • Course schedule and extracurriculars for senior year of highschool
  • Recommendation letters from faculty, employers, and community leaders
  • Application assistance for early decision
  • Essay composition and review
  • Prep for college and scholarship interviews
  • FAFSA, scholarship, and other financial aid guidance
  • Finalizing the decision

The Livius Prep Track Record

For over 37 years, Livius Prep has operated in the academic arena, providing college counseling, ACT/SAT/high school admissions exam prep, and academic tutoring. We have over one million tutoring hours under our belts, and counting. Over the last decade alone, we have succeeded in helping 1,000+ students earn perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, over 5,000 gain admissions to the Ivy League, and an average of $30,000 per student in academic-based scholarships.

A college admissions counselor from Livius Prep in Lexington, MA is the ideal guide for a seamless transition into the ranks of higher education.