College Admissions Counselor Boston, MA

The college experience is a significant period in a student’s life. For most students, the application and adjustment processes can be stressful and difficult. Livius Prep provides the services of a college admissions counselor near Boston, MA. Our centers in Lexington, Newton, and Wellesley offer students services that will help assure success.

College Admissions Counselor Boston, MALivius Prep has 37+ years in the academic sector. We offer prep services for the ACT, SAT, and high school admission exams; academic tutoring; and college counseling. Our commitment to students extends from identifying needs for improvement, providing specific skills, and filling learning gaps.

College counseling for students who are preparing to apply for college can also range from perfecting the application essay, filing for financial aid, scheduling senior year courses, choosing colleges for application, and more.

The Livius Prep bona fides are numerous, but let’s boil them down to some hard facts. We have provided over one million hours of tutoring over 37+ years in the industry. During the past ten years, we have helped over 1,000 students earn perfect ACT or SAT scores, over 5,000 gain admission to Ivy League universities, and $30k in merit-based scholarships per student on average. On the SAT, our students raise their scores by an average of 215 points, and on the ACT, they see a 6-point increase.

Aspects of College Readiness Counseling

Are you ready for college?

Academic readiness is probably the primary consideration of students, and the ACT/SAT exams demonstrate this factor. Other parameters that you can consider include grades and the difficulty of the schedule.

Maturity and mental preparedness are other considerations that all too often fall through the cracks. Before attending college, students need to be prepared for independent study. Livius Prep will help with the development of skills related to managing time, studying, and prioritization.

Extracurricular activities play a role in character development and the college application. A well-rounded resume of involvement during high school is an indication of a more well-rounded student who is ready for college.

Finances have an impact on every student’s academic plan. Putting together a complete financial aid package can be overwhelming for the average student, but our experienced college counselors are able to help with the necessary steps to fill out the FAFSA, scholarship apps, and other aid opportunities.

Choosing the colleges and universities that deserve your applications can be similarly difficult, as is completing those applications. We’re here to help perfect your application, including the essay.

With these focused elements of college readiness counseling, your application and transition process can be realized with greater success.

Livius Prep College Counseling

At Livius Prep, we leverage the Livius 2×7 Methodology for College Fit. These methods allow us to guide students through strategy and execution over seven different aspects of the college application process.

Packages Offered by Livius Prep Include:

  • Essay Writing Package
  • College Counseling
  • Distinguished College Counseling
  • Counseling + Tutoring Bundles

The packages of counseling that we provide come with a counselor match guarantee. If the first session’s counselor is clearly not a good fit, let us know. Not only will we provide a new counselor, but we will also credit that appointment back to your package.

For an experienced college admissions counselor near Boston, MA, turn to Livius Prep either online or onsite in Wellesley, Newton, or Lexington. Call (800) 428-8378 or reach out online to explore how a Livius Prep counselor can ease the transition to college acceptance and attendance.