Calculus Tutor Lexington, MA

Of all the subjects that students face in high school and college, calculus is one of the most rigorous. Livius Prep offers resources for students that require academic assistance, including that of a calculus tutor on-site at our location in Lexington, MA, or virtually. Throw the student in your household a lifeline with the quality, convenient, and effective tutoring we can provide.

Calculus Tutor Lexington, MAStudents taking a calculus course may do so for many reasons. High school students often find themselves in advanced courses like calculus for the academic clout and the college credit available through Advanced Placement exams. Other students need to master the subject in pursuit of a career in computer science, economics, physics, medicine, and various other fields. The difficulty of the subject stems from the abstract, complex theories as well as the complicated formulas and processes involved in the study of mathematical change.

Finding the Right Calculus Tutor

Success in a calculus course requires a strong foundation in the fundamental elements of mathematics. Having a scaffold upon which to build is essential when studying integral and differential calculus. An effective tutor must have a combination of knowledge and the ability to share it employing methods that appeal to your specific learning style.

Much of calculus is learning to think. In fact, many of the rules and procedures seen in a calculus course may never grace your path again, but the valuable skills of thought will serve you well for a lifetime. A well-informed tutor with strong communication skills can help earn an A, AP credit for college, or even a hard C for a college student.

Finding a Quality Tutor

Students and families who require tutoring approach the search in multiple ways. Some may post the request on social media; others will request a reference from a trusted teacher or counselor; and others approach a professional tutoring resource like Livius Prep.

An online tutor allows you to secure the services of a high-quality tutor regardless of location. This availability also provides a flexibility of schedule that permits students to maintain commitments socially, occupationally, and so forth.

Supplemental to Tutoring

Independent study outside of scheduled tutoring is essential to mastery of calculus. A quality tutor can explain the theory and demonstrate the process of application. He or she can even observe your efforts to perform the work on your own, but to fully grasp the process, you’ll need to practice.

Livius Prep Tutors

The tutor pool at Livius Prep is undoubtedly qualified. Our tutors come from some of the best colleges and universities in the country and remain with us for an average of seven-year terms.

Cost-Effective Private Tutoring from Livius Prep

In-Person Tutoring

  • One-on-one at one of our sites in Lexington, Newton, or Wellesley
  • Research-based curriculum and approach
  • Best-fit tutor match
  • 12-hours for $1299 or 20-hours for $1999

Online Tutoring

  • Live platform for convenient access
  • Allows for flexible scheduling
  • Same top-quality curriculum
  • 12-hours for $1299 or 20-hours for $1999

In addition to calculus tutoring, students come to Livius Prep for ACT/SAT prep, test prep for private high school admission exams, academic tutoring for grades 6-12, and college counseling services.

Stop watching the student in your household struggle through calculus; call Livius Prep for a tutor in the area around Lexington, MA or online. Learn more by reaching out online or by calling (800) 428-8378.