Best Tutoring Centers in Weston, MA

The best tutoring centers in the area around Weston, MA are found in Newton and Wellesley at the Livius Prep locations. Our professional tutors and programs offer a targeted, focused approach to help the students in your household succeed.

Best Tutoring Centers in Weston, MAWe at Livius Prep provide academic tutoring, test prep for high school admission exams, ACT/SAT prep, and college counseling.

Knowledge gaps are a fairly common occurrence in education, especially in the aftermath of Covid-19 lockdowns. Filling these gaps can be difficult when teachers are pressed to reach mandated benchmarks with classrooms filled with 30+ students. Enter Livius Prep professional tutors.

We’re able to step in, identify student’s strengths and weaknesses, establish an effective relationship for tutoring, and implement appropriate tutoring plans for the individual student.

Prepare for Successful Tutoring Experiences

Investing in tutoring is a stellar way to help students at all levels grow, but as with any investment, doing your part is essential for maximizing the results.

Consider the following suggestions for getting the most out of every tutoring session at Livius Prep:

  • Show up, but don’t just show up. Take an active role in your tutoring sessions to remain engaged and interested. Ask questions, answer questions, and check in with yourself that you understand the material. Consider tutoring your own academic workout session, and train accordingly.
  • Arrive prepared. Bring the materials that you need to have for an effective session.
  • Keep efforts going outside of tutoring sessions. When you prioritize what’s important, you work to improve when opportunities arise. Your Livius Prep tutor will provide assignments, and we offer online practice programs as well.
  • Pay attention to the tutoring dynamic. Speak up if you recognize that your tutor doesn’t mesh with your personality or understand your learning style. We at Livius Prep provide a best-fit tutor match. If you aren’t satisfied with the tutor provided, let us know, and we will replace the tutor with an appropriate match and credit the session back to your program.
  • Maintain the classroom as a priority. Tutoring will not replace the classroom; consider the frequency of class meetings versus tutoring sessions. We’ll give you the tools to make class attendance and independent study more effective.
  • Give yourself, or your student, grace. Tutoring will not work immediately. It is a process, and you need to reinforce patience throughout. Never make a connection between self-worth and academic success.
  • Avoid procrastination. The worst thing that a student can do is procrastinate, especially if he or she has difficulty understanding a concept. Keep up with homework, make notes and ask questions regarding confusions, and take ownership of your academic progress.

Livius Prep Tutoring Programs

In-Person Tutoring (CENTER BASED)

  • Private 1:1 tutoring at one of our Livius centers
  • Industry-backed curriculum and academic methodology
  • Best-fit matching with master and distinguished level tutors
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

Online Tutoring (LIVE ONLINE)

  • Live online format for maximum accessibility
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling
  • Same industry-backed curriculum adapted for online learning
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

Professional tutors and programs at Livius Prep in Newton and Wellesley, MA, create the best tutoring centers in the Weston area. Students come to our facilities for greater engagement, remediation, and enrichment with learning. We invite you to contact us via phone at (800) 428-8378 or online by clicking here to discuss our programs further.