Best Tutoring Centers in Lexington, MA

Set the stage for student success with one of the best tutoring centers in Lexington, MA, Livius Prep. Onsite and online tutoring options help all students accomplish their goals through individualized, one-on-one programs.

Best Tutoring Centers in Lexington, MAWe at Livius Prep offer highly trained and educated tutors to aid students in learning how to manage their time, study independently, and respect the value of academic ownership. We have 37+ years in the academic arena, providing over one million tutoring hours in the last decade alone.

Motivations for Tutoring

Parents may opt for tutoring for a bevy of reasons. Whether they feel ill-equipped for the job academically or personally, tutors are often better positioned to help students engage with tutoring. The process itself can result in greater understanding, self-confidence, and a strong foundation for future learning.

With tutoring, students experience a one-on-one program of individualized instruction to help students regardless of their academic situation or preferred pace. In a distraction-free environment, students can engage with their programs in a safe space where they won’t feel judged or intimidated. We know that tutoring isn’t for the weak; everyone begins somewhere.

The unique program that we at Livius Prep create for your student will target learning gaps and areas of improvement as well as the methods that will best pair with his or her learning style and personality. Flexibility of approach is one of the major benefits of tutoring.

We also provide a best-fit tutor promise. If you find that personalities or approaches don’t mesh, let us know after your first visit. Not only will that visit not count against your total allotment, but we will also provide a replacement tutor.

Working with Livius Prep is sure to help students improve academically. Our tutors are professionals, and our curriculum is targeted and works toward mastery of a subject before moving on to the next targeted area.

As this improved academic performance occurs, we find that students develop a new attitude about school. Students often act out at school in an effort to cover academic struggles, so when they find they can now participate without embarrassment, the need to act out is no more. You and teachers at school will appreciate a healthier, happier, and more confident child as the student grows into an interested, engaged learner with the confidence to ask questions, answer questions, and seek understanding without shame.

This confident student will embrace academia, taking ownership of learning and managing the pace of study and homework. You will truly be amazed by the difference in desire, study efforts, and personal ownership a taste of success can inspire.

These differences extend from the classroom to the family and even within interpersonal relationships with classmates and others. The dynamic of a child who knows his or her worth is incredible.

The assumption that tutoring is for only students who have fallen behind is a huge mistake. We welcome students who are at level to help them remain engaged as well as advanced students who may be bored and at-risk for disengaging entirely with the classroom.

If you’re looking for the best tutoring centers in the Lexington, MA, area, stop right here with Livius Prep. We have centers in Lexington, Wellesley, and Newton, while also providing online tutoring services. Gift a student in your life this valuable service by calling (800) 428-8378 or by following this link.