Best Tutoring Centers in Concord, MA

Of all the tutoring centers in Concord, MA, the best is Livius Prep in Lexington. We specialize in providing academic support for students at all levels.

Livius Prep provides the following services:

  • Academic tutoring for Grades 6-12 in a broad range of subject areas
  • Private high school admissions testing preparation
  • SAT/ACT exam preparation
  • College counseling

Meet Academic Challenges Head On with Academic Tutoring

Best Tutoring Centers in Concord, MAIn light of the lost academic year taken by COVID, tutoring has taken on a whole new usefulness. As students strive to make up for learning lost due to virtual learning and school closures, Livius Prep provides targeted instruction.

The educational system in the US was already in a terrible place before the pandemic, and it’s been exacerbated even more as students and teachers transition to using technology in education at an unprecedented level. In light of these factors, tutoring can be the intervening factor that makes the difference in favor of lifelong education.

Studies demonstrate that tutoring is incredibly effective and consistent in helping K-12 students achieve improvements.

The type of tutor, platform, scheduling, and other parameters remain questions you’ll need to answer. Livius Prep offers a best-fit tutor promise, online or in-center settings, flexible scheduling, and a targeted approach to preparation.

Livius Prep tutors hail from the most prestigious universities in the US and remain with us on an employee basis for an average of seven years. We do not rely on independent contractors or have a high turnover rate. The best-fit tutor promise that we offer allows students to determine whether the tutor is a good fit for them in terms of personality and approach. We’ll provide a replacement and credit the session back to the program.

The Livius Prep Difference

Individualized, one-on-one tutoring is the most effective approach to tutoring. We at Livius Prep specialize in just this sort of tutoring. Our curriculum and methodologies are advanced, providing our students with

Students can choose online or in-person tutoring with us, depending on their lifestyles.

Livius Prep’s History of Success

  • 37 years of experience in the academic industry
  • Tutors with degrees from the elite universities of the United States
  • 1,000,000+ tutoring services provided
  • 2,500+ Ivy League admissions
  • 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores
  • $30,000 average/student in merit-based scholarships

Livius Prep operates to identify learning deficiencies and fill them to begin with a strong foundation for success.

You’ll have three options if you choose onsite tutoring with Livius Prep. We have locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA.

One of the most troubling challenges you’ll face in arranging tutoring for your child is the student. Of course, you should expect resistance, but once the student begins to experience greater success academically, you’ll find that the confidence gained is all the student needs to buy in for further tutoring.

Academic Tutoring Options

In-Person Tutoring (On-Site Tutoring in Lexington, Wellesley, or Newton)

  • One-on-one tutoring at one of our Livius centers
  • Industry-backed curriculum and academic methodology
  • Best-fit matching with master and distinguished level tutors
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

Online Tutoring (Live, Online Platform)

  • Live online format for maximum accessibility
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling
  • Same industry-backed curriculum adapted for online learning
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

The professionals at Livius Prep in Lexington, MA, and our curriculum and methodology make us one of the best tutoring centers operating in Concord, MA. Allow us to help change the life of the student in your household. To learn more or to book a tutoring program, reach out by following this link or calling (800) 428-8378.