Best Tutoring Centers in Burlington, MA

Livius Prep provides excellent tutoring services and has three of the best centers in the country, with the closest to Burlington being the one found in Lexington, MA. If a student in your life is struggling or bored in school, allow us to help!

Knowing When and How to Search for a Tutor

Best Tutoring Centers in Burlington, MAStudents generally resist the notion of tutoring. The stigma associated with it will lead them to mutiny against the process, but we at Livius Prep welcome all students and do everything we can to put students at ease. We’re able to help students who need everything from organizational skills to study skills, targeted instruction, and more whether students are at, below, or ahead of grade level.

Finding a great tutor might seem difficult, but we make it easy at Livius Prep. We even provide a best-fit tutor match. If you find that the tutor provided is inappropriate, let us know, and we will provide a replacement and credit the session to your program.

If searching for a tutor, these few steps will help find a great one:

  • Checking within the community – teachers, friends, family, other parents
  • Research the available tutors – online reviews and websites provide a ton of information, but be sure to weed out the helpful from the generalized
  • Interview the candidate and tour the facility – you might even choose to sit in with your child during the first tutoring sessions to verify professionalism and maturity
  • Verify qualifications regarding education and tutoring training

Getting Ready for Tutoring Session Number One

The best way to begin tutoring is to arrive knowing what to expect, and you can emphasize the critical features that your child should know about tutoring.

First, students need to understand that they must communicate with the tutor. While our tutors have training in helping students engage and feel comfortable, having parents emphasize the importance is helpful.

Students should also arrive prepared. Bring supplies, textbooks, questions, etc. in order to begin the session in the right frame of mind and not scrambling for supplies.

Prioritizing study at home is also essential. By creating a special place and time designated for study, the student will understand that you’re invested in his or her success and that work continues beyond tutoring sessions.

The support that you provide at home is integral to the success of tutoring. A word of encouragement or a slight push can help significantly. As your child begins to succeed, make sure to praise them. You must also recognize that the results won’t be seen overnight. Have patience with your child and never connect their academic performance with their self worth, and don’t assume that they don’t. Be explicit about this area.

Academic Tutoring Options at Livius Prep

In-Person Tutoring (CENTER BASED)

  • Private 1:1 tutoring at one of our Livius centers
  • Industry-backed curriculum and academic methodology
  • Best-fit matching with master and distinguished level tutors
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

Online Tutoring (LIVE ONLINE)

  • Live online format for maximum accessibility
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling
  • Same industry-backed curriculum adapted for online learning
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

A targeted program of tutoring awaits at one of the best academic centers in the Burlington, MA area, at the Livius Prep location in Lexington. We specialize in helping students at all levels of learning progress further.