Best Tutoring Centers in Brookline, MA

Has the pandemic brought academic underachievement to your home? From lockdowns to sickness, anxiety, and other issues, COVID-19 has negatively influenced many students’ academic progress, and tutoring can help turn this situation around. In Brookline, MA, one of the best tutoring centers can be found in nearby Newton at the Livius Prep location.

AP Exam Tutors Near MeThe confidence and independent study skills gained from tutoring can help immediately and in the future. Livius Prep provides well-trained and well-educated, committed tutors. We hire tutors who remain with us an average of seven years, who graduate from the most elite US universities, and who complete rigorous training and oversight processes.

Long term benefits of tutoring influence everything from grades and test scores to personal responsibility and even future career ambitions. Livius Prep provides tutoring online as well as at our three locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley.

Finding the Perfect Tutor for Your Student

As you search for an effective tutor, the ideal candidate needs to present a few common traits, both in character and skill set. Let’s break those down.

First, good tutors must know what they’re teaching and how to teach it. If tutors are limited to surface understanding, they’ll soon be found out and lose all credibility with the student. Every tutor should also be prepared to explain concepts and solutions to students with diverse learning styles.

Reaching students also requires friendliness. Students need to feel at ease and able to ask questions and express confusion, and it takes a special type of person to engage students in such a way. The confidence that students have in a tutor’s commitment to them specifically is critical.

The reliability of a tutor, or any other service provider for that matter, must be sure. Just as students need to be present and engaged for tutoring to work, the tutor must also be dependable and committed.

As predictable as a tutor needs to be, the tutor must also be flexible in scheduling and in reactions during real time to verbal and non-verbal feedback. When one approach isn’t working, the tutor needs to be able to switch it up and approach the concept from a different direction. One size fits all instruction is why the traditional classroom doesn’t work in the first place.

Finally, tutors need to be incredibly patient as a matter of character. The students who come in for tutoring are often insecure, with self-worth that has been damaged by failures that they connect to their identities. A quality tutor needs to help students separate their value from their grades while also giving opportunities to see successes and develop confidence. If students get a whiff of frustration, they’ll be done and shut down.

Academic Tutoring Options at Livius Prep

In-Person Tutoring (CENTER BASED)

  • Private 1:1 tutoring at one of our Livius centers
  • Industry-backed curriculum and academic methodology
  • Best-fit matching with master and distinguished level tutors
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

Online Tutoring (LIVE ONLINE)

  • Live online format for maximum accessibility
  • Convenient and flexible scheduling
  • Same industry-backed curriculum adapted for online learning
  • Support for a broad range of subjects and grade levels

Do you have students in your household? Gift them tutoring from one of the best centers in the Brookline, MA, area at Livius Prep in Newton. To sign up today, contact us online or give us a call at (800) 428-8378.