Best Tutoring Centers in Boston, MA

Academic struggles can undermine more than a student’s grades. The struggles in the classroom can impact a student’s self-conception; however, successes in the classroom also influence who a student becomes, in a positive direction. Tutoring is beneficial for all students, and Livius Prep proudly offers the best tutoring centers in the Boston, MA area.

Best Tutoring Centers in Boston, MALivius Prep operates three physical locations – one in Newton, another in Lexington, and the last in Wellesley, MA – as well as online services, and we provide academic tutoring, college and high school readiness exam preparation, and college counseling. Call on us for tutoring for all ages and all skill levels whether the purpose is catching up, keeping up, or forging ahead academically.

Undervaluing tutoring can result in students who could benefit from the service missing out. School attendance, test prep workbooks, and extra worksheets sent home by the teacher are no equal to quality, professional tutoring. Livius Prep tutors are graduates of the most prestigious universities in the country and work with us as employees, with appropriate tutoring and oversight.

Grades are meant to indicate a student’s growth and progress, but these numbers are often subjective and can be influenced by a number of factors. More important than grades, students need to develop confidence and learn to study independently. The value of an intrinsic respect for learning will be much more helpful in the long term than an A on a test.

Tutoring can help bring about this change in perspective on learning in a few different ways. Let’s explore.

One-on-One Interactions

Having a 1:1 interaction between a tutor and student is incredibly powerful. The nature of the classroom is such that a single teacher is pulled in multiple directions and simply can’t spend the time that’s often needed focused on individual students. In fact, most classrooms are filled with students who need targeted instruction. Tutors can provide that time, and a well-trained tutor like those at Livius Prep will leverage individualized plans for progress.

Our goal is to identify and fill learning gaps that may be hindering progress and then to build upon a strong foundation to reach the ultimate goal of the program.

An Outside Voice

Have you noticed how difficult it is to get your own child to pay attention when you try to help them with homework? The reason for this challenge is the transference of roles within the family; kids just respond differently to parents than they do teachers/tutors from outside of the family.

Livius Prep offers a best-fit tutor guarantee. If students find that the tutor’s approach or personality does not mesh with their learning style and own personality, we will provide a better suited tutor and credit the session. Our tutors understand how essential it is that students buy into the process and are trained in methods to encourage engagement.

A Shift in Attitude and Academic Ownership

You may sign up your child for tutoring for one reason and find that the primary benefit becomes something so much more significant. As your student’s grades rise, so will his or her confidence, critical thinking skills, and sense of responsibility for personal success.

Help the student in your household with a foundation for academic and lifelong success by enrolling him or her in Livius Prep, the best tutoring centers in the Boston, MA area. Learn more today by calling 800-428-8378 or clicking here.