Best Tutoring Centers in Bedford, MA

If you’re looking for the best tutoring centers in the area of Bedford, MA, look no further than the Livius Prep location in Lexington. Our tutors and programs are such that we’ll help the student in your household engage in a way previously impossible.

Best Tutoring Centers in Bedford, MAAs students progress in school, they’re expected to be able to handle more rigorous content and more monotonous instruction and activity. Unfortunately, many students find themselves unprepared for the challenge of the more complex material, consistent management, or both.

Time management becomes essential to success as students struggle to recover from COVID learning loss, prepare for college readiness exams, and navigate social lives, part-time jobs, and other obligations. Tutoring should help students acquire this skill, learn how to study on their own, and fill in learning deficits.

The tutoring available may range from peer-to-peer to student-teacher, private tutors, or professional tutoring providers. Livius Prep offers tutoring hosted online and in-person. We have three different centers, one in Newton, Wellesley, and Lexington, to meet as many students’ tutoring needs as possible.

Before you hire a tutor, consider speaking with the teacher. This professional will give you some insight into problem areas and the extent of the issues. This information can guide you toward the type of tutoring needed for your student.

Tutoring offers benefits that the classroom does not – undivided attention and one-on-one interaction. A classroom teacher has many students, duties, and worries to help every student. While this reality is unfortunate, parents must be their children’s best advocates, and this position means hiring tutors for students. Every student can benefit from private tutoring.

Livius Prep tutors provide the following benefits:

  • Individualized learning plan
  • Undivided focus
  • Better grades and greater interest in school
  • Brand-new attitude regarding education and future possibilities
  • Acquired study skills
  • Boosted confidence
  • A suitable environment for learning
  • Independent study skills
  • Remediation and enrichment
  • Ability to conquer challenges
  • Time management

Livius Prep offers individualized courses for targeted assistance. Once our students have a strong foundation, they can build upon it.

Livius Prep offers 37+ years of experience in the academic industry. Over the last decade, we have provided one million-plus tutoring sessions and helped students earn an average of $30,000/student in merit-based scholarships, 1,000+ perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, and 2,500+ Ivy League admissions.

From the very beginning, Livius Prep pursues personalized plans. We take strengths, weaknesses, learning styles, goals, academic deficiencies, interests, and more to inform the courses we create.

Program Options for Livius Prep’s Academic Tutoring

In-Person Tutoring (Onsite at centers in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley)

  • One-on-one private tutoring at a Livius center
  • Research-based curriculum and methods
  • Best-fit tutor promise
  • Program available to several grades and for a variety of subjects

Online Tutoring

  • Live and online platform
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate the busy lives of students and families
  • Same research-based curriculum adapted for online application
  • Tutoring available to grades 6-12 and a wide range of subjects

Academic Support Options

  • 12 Hours Online
    • 1:1 Private Online Academic Support
  • 20 Hours Online
    • 1:1 Private Online Academic Support
  • 12 Hours In-center
    • 1:1 Private In-Center Academic Support
  • 20 Hours In-center
    • 1:1 Private In-Center Academic Support

Livius Prep, one of the best tutoring centers in the Bedford, MA, area, provides convenient access to our Lexington center. We also welcome students online and at our two other locations. When you’re ready to give the student in your household top-notch academic services, reach out online by following this link or calling 800-428-8378.