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High school students in Massachusetts can find the best test prep tutoring at Livius Prep. We have three physical locations, in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, along with online services. With our programs and tutors, you can increase your score and your potential for admission into your first-choice university.

Maximize Test Prep with the Best Program Available

Best Test Prep Tutoring in MassachusettsEarn the highest score possible on your college readiness exams with Livius Prep. We offer the best program available with quality, experienced tutors and targeted, mastery-based curriculum. Whether you choose in-center or online, we will meet you where you are and guide you toward great improvement.

The ACT versus the SAT

The college readiness course that you take should be the one that will make your skills shine brighter! While the ACT and SAT serve the same purpose and are similarly accepted practically universally, the two tests are different in composition, content, and perspective.

The SAT has two parts – Language and Math. Each section is scored between 200-800, and the total score is cumulative. A perfect SAT score is 1600 points. The basis of the test is an evaluation of critical thinking and logic, so students who enjoy puzzles and problem solving are likely to perform well.

The ACT has four parts – Language, Reading, Science Reasoning, and Math (with an optional written portion). Each section has a maximum score of 36 with the overall score being the mean of each section’s results. This exam has more rigorous grammar and math questions and longer reading passages, but the questions are more knowledge and application based rather than evaluation and analysis.

Livius Prep begins each student’s preparation journey by helping make this choice. We offer a free Comparison Test that will identify the college readiness test that is better suited to the individual student, and the results will provide feedback regarding test taking strengths and weaknesses.

Prepare with Livius Prep

For more than thirty years, Livius Prep has worked with students to help them achieve their academic potential. Each student has an individual starting point, learning style, and goal, so we train our tutors to cater to these differences with targeted and individualized approaches. Livius Prep tutors hail from the most prestigious universities in the country and remain with us on a long term basis unlike other programs that rely on freelance based tutors.

Choose Livius Prep for Targeted Training

Whether you ultimately sign up to take the SAT or ACT exam, choose Livius Prep for tutoring. Students who study with us have an average increase of 215 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT. Additionally, within the last decade, we’ve helped students earn a perfect score over 1,000 times and manifested more than 2,500 admissions letters to Ivy League schools in the mailbox.

The free Foundations Course should be your test specific beginning. It consists of two sessions over a one-week period wherein students learn our secrets of strategic test taking. At the end of the week, students can choose to pay a $50 fee to sit for a proctored, live exam. We host it online and compile a multi-page report of feedback with the results. This results analysis will inform any tutoring that follows in a targeted fashion.

The best test prep tutoring in Massachusetts awaits at our facilities in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, as well as online. Reach out by calling (800)428-8378 or register for our FREE foundations course online.