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Find the best SAT tutor here at Livius Prep in Newton, MA. We offer best-fit tutor matches, diagnostic-based personalized prep programs, and more. Explore what makes our service heads above other providers in the field.

About Livius Prep – The Standard for Test Prep Service

Best SAT Tutor Newton, MAFor 35 years, Livius Prep has been a leader in the academic tutoring space. We offer academic tutoring, test prep, and college counseling, and we’re known for providing outstanding student and family support.

Our students have achieved several noteworthy milestones including the following:

  • 1,000+ perfect SAT/ACT scores
  • 2,000+ Ivy League admissions
  • $30,000 average package of academic-based scholarships
  • 225-point average increase on score

The Primary Purpose of the SAT

SAT scores are used by admissions offices in colleges and universities all over the country. Along with your grades, extracurriculars, honors, and essay, your score can tell decision makers if you’re ready for college. The score is also used in many cases to determine scholarship opportunities.

SAT scores range from 400-1600, and the test is broken into two primary sections: Language and Math.

Choosing between the ACT and SAT

Students in the US can choose between the two college admittance exams: the SAT and the ACT. Few schools consider one as better than the other, so it comes down to personal preference.

Most agree that the SAT tends to examine how a student reasons while the ACT measures what a student knows. Livius Prep is happy to make the decision easier for students by providing a comparison test that allows them to determine which test will better suit their aptitudes.

A Quality Score on the SAT

If you have your eye on a particular college or university, verify the requirements regarding minimum scores for admission. Often, low scores will allow for admissions but indicate that you’ll be placed in classes for remediation.

A high SAT score may qualify you for honors programs, scholarships, and more. The money and time that you save in the form of scholarships and clepped courses make preparing well for the SAT worth the investment.

Choose between In-Person or Online Tutoring Prep

Preparing for the SAT begs the question: Where to start?

Determining whether you should rely on your own study habits, form a study group, or book an online prep course can be a daunting choice.

We, at Livius Prep, suggest that you either choose an online or in-person professional tutoring experience. Our expertise will identify gaps in content knowledge and fill them while also teaching skills and strategies needed to master the SAT exam.

The Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement

Livius Prep utilizes our own methodology for approaching student growth. Through this process, we’re able to establish a starting point and map out the way to success.

  • Compare – Choose between the ACT and SAT
  • Match – Best-fit tutor and class level
  • Plan – Customized tutoring plan
  • Enlighten – Learn skills for test-taking
  • Practice – Targeted practice
  • Challenge – Exposure to real-life test-taking conditions
  • Adapt – Prioritize and modify issues
  • Execute – Plan for SAT test date

Max out your SAT score with the best tutor in Newton, MA from Livius Prep. We offer online and in-person test prep based upon research-based curriculum and methodology. To learn more or to sign up for your own program, call (800) 428-8378.