Best SAT Tutor Lexington, MA

A spot at your chosen school is not promised. When the time comes to take the SAT, you need to show out, and the best way to accomplish this goal is to prepare with a tutor from Livius Prep in Lexington, MA.

Best SAT Tutor Lexington, MALivius Prep is one of the foremost providers of test prep services in the US. We have 35+ years providing research-based academic tutoring, exam prep, and college counseling.

The strategies that we employ for helping individual students maximize their SAT scores leverage the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement and the Secrets & Mastering of the SAT books. Our dedication to student success is genuine, and we honor the needs of each student with an individualized plan for tutoring and a best-fit match tutor.

The Best Preparation for the SAT Comes from Livius Prep

Prep Essentials – an online platform that features thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests. Students participate in 12 hours of live and interactive online class instruction.

12 Hours Online Private Tutoring – also online, this platform provides 1:1 private test prep with Online Essentials, the access to our online platform that features thousands of practice questions.

12 Hours In-Person Private Tutoring – held onsite at our facilities in Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, this program involves 1:1, face-to-face private tutoring along with access to Online Essentials.

All of these programs leverage the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement, which involves the following eight primary steps toward test mastery:

  • Compare – SAT or ACT?
  • Match – Tutor/class level
  • Plan – Tailored plan for improvement
  • Enlighten – Strategies and skill building
  • Practice – Targeted practice and confidence building
  • Challenge – Exposure to actual conditions
  • Adapt – Focus on what matters most
  • Execute – Day of exam plan of attack

Reach Your SAT SuperScore

The SAT is a two-part exam with a Math and an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section. Students can choose to take an optional writing exam as well. Each of the two sections is scored with a high score of 800, and the two subscores are added together for the cumulative score. The perfect SAT score is a 1600.

The SAT exam can be taken more than once, and students generally score higher the second time around. Those who participate in a Livius Prep program see an average of 225 additional points.

Many schools are beginning to accept a superscore, where they consider the highest score earned on the two sections to calculate the summed superscore.

Budget-Friendly and Free Options

If your budget is limited, consider the free options we offer here at Livius Prep.

The ACT/SAT Comparison Test is available with no charge. The results of this test will guide you toward the most appropriate college readiness exam for your individual aptitudes.

Another free program we offer is the Foundations course. This course is four weeks long and meets online one time per week. It provides explicit training regarding test-taking strategies and ends with a full-length practice test. The results of this exam will provide students with a blueprint starting point for targeted test preparation.

The best SAT tutor is available here at Livius Prep in Lexington, MA. We’ve proven over many years to provide research-driven tutoring that produces results and quality scores. Explore the Livius Prep programs by calling (800) 428-8378.