Best SAT / ACT Prep Tutoring

The competitive college admissions process isn’t getting any easier. Performing your absolute best on the SAT/ACT is essential, and with tutoring from Livius Prep, you amplify your own personal best.

Best SAT / ACT Prep TutoringThe ACT and SAT exams are meant to demonstrate students’ readiness for college attendance and successful performance. With a quality score, students can increase the chances that they’ll be admitted into their top choice schools. Our programs are individualized, with a targeted approach to fill in learning gaps and cement test-taking strategies.

For more than 37 years, Livius Prep has provided experience-based, proven exam prep measures. Our customer service staff and personalized tutoring services help our students earn an average of $30k in merit-based scholarships, and in the past decade, they’ve made a perfect score over 1,000 times and received over 2,000 Ivy League acceptance letters. With this track record, you’d be foolish to not invest in your exam preparation.

The Importance of Exam Scores

The college readiness exam is a great equalizer. Students come to the exam with an equal opportunity, without any biases that might occur with letters of recommendation and grades. An excellent ACT/SAT score allows college admission boards to overlook deficiencies in other aspects of the high school resume.

The flip side of this truth, of course, is that a poor score can do incredible harm to your admission chances.

As you consider the plan to approach admissions examinations, you should choose which exam is more appropriate for your aptitudes. The SAT exam focuses on logical abilities while the ACT measures accumulated knowledge and the ability to apply it. We offer a Comparison Test on our website that you can take free of charge to determine which test is better suited to your skills and aptitudes.

The performance shown on admissions testing is indicative of your performance in higher education. Livius Prep is here to help you prepare to fulfill your potential. As part of this assistance, we offer college counseling services to help you wade through the preparation and admissions process.

The Livius Prep Path for Preparation

Preparing with Livius Prep is ideal for all students; we provide individualized courses for each student.

Our programs are available both online and onsite with three different programs available: Online Prep Essentials, 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring, and 12-Hours In-Person Private Tutoring. For in-person tutoring, we have facilities in Newton, Wellesley, and Lexington, MA.

Universal exam preparation is ineffective. Our commitment is to our students to provide a custom program with interaction and a targeted approach that addresses strategic test-taking and gaps in knowledge base.

Our programs extend from these test specific areas to other academic concerns like time management, confidence, and study skills.

The targeted programs that we employ ensure that no time is wasted on elements already mastered, and the online study measures that we make available are well-suited to the lifestyle of most teens. The smartphones that are always in their hands can be key to convenient and effective test prep. When students can remain committed to their extracurriculars, jobs, families, and religious services and still prepare adequately, they’re more likely to follow through.

The best score possible on the SAT/ACT exam comes with appropriate prep and tutoring from Livius Prep. Begin with our free foundations course to establish test-taking skills and strategies and form a baseline for further tutoring. To register, click here, or call (800) 428-8378.