Best SAT/ACT Prep Courses Online

Searching for the best online SAT/ACT prep courses? Livius Prep provides a high-quality, small-class online program. This course allows you to shoot for your maximum score with cost-effective, targeted study.

Best SAT/ACT Prep Courses OnlineStudents participating in this program will have the best tutors, curriculum, and methods available. Livius Prep is an expert player in the academic sector with nearly four decades of experience. Over the past decade, we’ve provided over one million tutoring hours and helped our students earn over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT test scores, over 2,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k in academic scholarships per student. The investment in our program will pay off!

Livius Prep Test Prep

Anything worth having is worth working for. There’s truth in this cliche. Outstanding performance on college prep tests requires effort, but effort without direction will just set you on a circular path without forward progress.

When you begin preparation with Livius Prep, you’ll start with a diagnostic exam to define the parameters of your study. We offer a best-fit placement promise so that the small-class dynamic benefits the entire group. 

Students come to us to find the ideal study program. Some may prefer one-on-one tutoring, and we also offer that option. Test-takers who prepare with Livius Prep see significant score improvements. The average increase is 215 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT. 

The various Livius Prep SAT/ACT test prep programs available include:

  • One-on-one online tutoring
  • Small-class online tutoring
  • Counseling + tutoring bundles

The Small-Class Option

Choose this option to prepare for the SAT and ACT in a small-group setting through a live, virtual class. You’ll join a few other test takers for twelve 90-minute sessions or 18 hours of study.

During this class, we’ll provide targeted tutoring with a focus on filling learning gaps and developing strategies to use when taking the exam. These strategies focus on analyzing the question to ensure that you know what’s being asked and breaking down the answers to increase the likelihood of a correct answer when unsure about the best response.

Committed and Compassionate Livius Prep Tutors

Tutors on staff here at Livius Prep serve as employees, not freelancers, who stay for an average of seven years. These two facts are key. Not only do we value the professionals who provide tutoring under our name, but we also have limited turnover because we treat them as professionals, with all the tools they’ll need to perform.

We hire graduates of the world’s best colleges and universities, provide intense tutoring-related training, and use oversight methods to ensure consistent performance.

Tutors must be able to communicate what they know; just having the knowledge isn’t enough. Our training measures include ways to engage students and identify and respond to various learning styles and other critical skills regarding instruction.

Do you feel confident as the day for your college readiness exam nears? Why not invest in the best online SAT/ACT prep courses with Livius Prep? We’ll help establish skills for taking the test and inspire confidence as you interact with other students facing the same measurement. Click here or call 800-428-8378 to sign up today!