Best Online Math Tutoring Programs

Livius Prep, a longtime leader in the academic arena, now offers the best of the math tutoring programs available online. Using analytics, proven curriculum, and mastery criteria, we’ll help raise your students’ scores by two grade levels over the course of the program.

Introduction to Livius Prep

Livius Prep has spent over three decades learning, evolving, and perfecting our processes for helping students achieve. With one call to our customer service staff, you can set your child on the path toward confidence and success. We have provided over one million tutoring hours and earned our reputation for targeted, dedicated tutoring.

Tutoring at Livius Prep

Many tutoring programs waste time on material that students already know. Unfortunately, this method wastes money and accomplishes little. At Livius Prep, we use a strategic and targeted curriculum driven by skill mastery. Before progressing to the next phase of tutoring, students must achieve 90% mastery. We leave no gaps in math skills and waste no time using this process.

Various learning styles and personalities mean that students require different approaches to tutoring. Our tutors are trained to address this factor, but we also provide a best fit guarantee. If a student is uncomfortable with the tutor provided, we’ll swap the tutor for a more fitting one. All of our tutors are from the best schools in the country and remain with us for an average of seven years.

The online program that we offer allows our students to achieve without inconveniencing the family or missing out on other obligations. For grades 2-8, this online program will keep students progressing and building a strong mathematics foundation for future success. The program provides weekly private tutoring sessions, weekly small group online classes, and a proven curriculum.

Interested? We offer a free two-week trial. This program has limited availability, but it provides two free weekly, private tutoring hours with an expert math tutor and two weeks of access to our mastery-based curriculum.

This program is also available on a monthly basis. Your student will receive four hour-long private tutoring sessions with an expert tutor in math, complete access to the curriculum, homework support, and a guaranteed tutor match.

The most popular option we provide is a 12 week program. It includes weekly private tutoring hours, weekly live group classes, a pre and post measurement, expert math tutors, access to the curriculum for an entire semester, homework support, and a tutor match guarantee.

We also provide in-person options for students who require that to best engage. Our academic tutoring for grades 6-12 is available in a number of subjects, including math courses. Programs are available in 12 hour or 20 hour increments of private tutoring, either online or in-person. We work toward mastery in an effort to build skill along with excitement about learning and newfound confidence in academic ability.

You might just find that this increase in self-esteem and math skill translates to a better attitude and better grades across the board. Mastering math often means improving critical thinking, reading comprehension, and even real-life problem solving.

Livius Prep is the best source for online math tutoring programs. Our crew of tutors, superior curriculum, and processes will effectively help the student in your household grow in ability and confidence. Invest in your child today by calling (800) 428-8378 to establish program participation.