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The best way to prepare for your ACT test date is to take an online prep course, like what we offer at Livius Prep. We’re heads above the competition in the test prep arena.

Sitting for the ACT is a milestone every college-bound high school junior and senior faces. The score on this test can be the ticket to the college of your choice as well as merit-based scholarships. The pressure students face when preparing to take this test shouldn’t be underestimated.

Best Online ACT PrepHere at Livius Prep, we thoroughly prepare students and provide them with confidence in their readiness and test-taking skills. In fact, our students generally see an average of 6 additional points on their ACT scores. That can be the difference between a good score and a perfect one.

Our history in the test prep field goes back 35 years. In this 3 ½ decades, we’ve developed best practices and a research-based, proven methodology that produces real results for our students. Consider the facts that we have aided over 1,000 students achieve a perfect score on the SAT and ACT, played a role in 2,000+ admissions to Ivy League universities, and helped our students earn an average of $30k in merit-based scholarships (that’s per student). This figure alone makes our price worth every penny.

An investment in preparation is one that will repay in terms of scores, opportunities, college admissions, scholarships, future careers, and overall life satisfaction.

Understanding the ACT

The ACT has become the most common college readiness test in the US. It’s accepted by all institutions of higher learning that accept the SAT and is taken more often than the SAT.

The ACT has four parts – English, Math, Reading, and Science – as well as an optional Writing examination in the form of an essay.

In the past, students who chose to retake the test could not keep a higher score if they had performed better previously on one portion of the test. Now, though, students can keep the higher score on one portion while replacing the other subject area score. For instance, if a student scored a 30 on the English and a 26 on math the first time and a 29 on English and a 28 on math the second time, he or she can now keep the higher of both sections instead of keeping the sections together as one test.

The ACT is a timed test. When taking the basic four-part ACT, you’ll have 2 hours, 55 minutes, but if you add the writing portion, you’ll have 3 hours, 40 minutes.

Achieving the best score you possibly can will require preparation, and Livius Prep offers a proven method of score improvement with the Livius 8+ Methodology.

  1. Compare
  2. Match
  3. Plan
  4. Enlighten
  5. Practice
  6. Challenge
  7. Adapt
  8. Execute

Livius Prep Tutors

Highly trained tutors from some of the best institutions of higher learning in the country, the employees of Livius Prep are able to harness their content knowledge and deep understanding of learning potential and strategies to engage students and maximize their preparation. The size of our tutor pool and our methodology allow us to match the best tutor to the student with our program.

The best online ACT prep from Livius Prep can set you on your way to fulfilling your dreams with the school of your choice and earn scholarship opportunities. To get started with your test preparation, reach out online or call us at (800) 428-8378.