Best GRE Tutoring Services

The best GRE tutoring services will be flexible, challenging, thorough, and targeted, just like those offered by Livius Prep

The GRE will test a wide range of content and include questions that require close examination. Getting ready for this exam will require effort, and an expert GRE tutor from Livius Prep won’t hurt either. 

Best GRE Tutoring ServicesThe GRE breaks down into these sections:

  • Verbal reasoning (2 sections) – reading and vocabulary
  • Quantitative reasoning (2 sections) – math
  • Writing (2 sections) – essay composition
  • Additional, unscored sections possible (research purposes only)

Begin with Diagnosing Current Status

The place to begin when preparing for any test is to establish a baseline. The only way to grow is to find out where you are. A diagnostic pre-test will also provide information about your weaknesses and strengths, areas that will require greater and lesser focus and effort. This insight will allow you to make the best use of your time. 

Our GRE Prep Programs start with practice tests to serve as diagnostic measurements. 

Establish a Goal

When you’re trying to lose weight or plan a trip, you’ll need to establish a goal weight or a destination. The same notion of beginning with a goal in mind applies to the GRE. You’ll need to know what score will open doors to your chosen graduate school. If you’re planning to apply to an elite graduate program, the score should be at least 150, and a score of 160 should merit admission into any program you choose.

Plan for GRE Preparation

If you’re guilty of giving lip service to all the things you should do and then never following through, this suggestion is for you. The best way to succeed is to plan for success. Failing to plan for preparation will be failing to prepare. An established program with the tutors here at Livius Prep will be one that you’ll likely adhere to since there’s a bit of accountability baked into the design.

Answering Difficult Questions

The questions on the GRE examine the taker’s ability to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate the questions asked as well as the depth of the person’s knowledge. A GRE prep program is meant to review content and provide instruction regarding how to approach the questions.

Familiarization with the GRE Test-Taking Environment

Test-takers perform better when they practice in conditions similar to the actual test. That’s why Livius Prep uses official GRE materials for session work and homework assignments.

The GRE is taken on a computer, and the actual test will respond according to your performance. Correct answers will generate more difficult questions, and vice versa. This responsiveness creates a more precise score.

Livius Prep GRE Program Breakdown:

  • 7 tutoring sessions dedicated to verbal reasoning and writing
    • Reading Comprehension (identifying main ideas, analyzing details, drawing conclusions, and making inferences)
    • Vocabulary (developing college-level vocabulary, context clues, and synonyms)
    • Writing (essay composition – 1 essay making an argument and 1 responding to the argument of an author)
  • 5 tutoring sessions dedicated to quantitative reasoning (math)
    • Algebra II
    • Geometry
    • Pre-calculus
    • Statistics (High-school level)
    • Data analysis
  • In-person (Newton, Lexington, or Wellesley, MA or online)
  • Flexible scheduling depending on test date and availability
  • Knowledge-based review
  • Test-taking skills
  • Based on diagnostic test results
  • Uses official GRE materials
  • GRE tutors with advanced post-graduate degrees with practical GRE experience

Livius Prep provides the best GRE tutoring services you’ll find. To learn more about this course, call our team at 800-428-8378 or click here.