Best College Admissions Counselors

Applying for college can be an experience that is fraught with stress. Livius Prep offers the best college admissions counselors as well as academic tutoring and exam preparation. Our services are available both online or in person at our centers in Newton, Wellesley, and Lexington, MA. To ensure that your college apps are complete and in line with what admissions boards admire, sign up for one of our programs today.

Why Choose Livius Prep College Counseling

Best College Admissions CounselorsLivius Prep has been in the business of helping students reach their goals since 1984. During this time, we’ve logged over a million tutoring sessions, including those focused on helping students prepare for college applications and entrance. Our team of counselors stands ready to help complete and perfect an essay, maximize ACT/SAT exam scores, develop skills related to time management and self-study, choose a rigorous senior year schedule, and identify the best top-choice colleges and universities. Livius Prep professionals have the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet all of these needs and more.

Packages of College Counseling Offered by Livius Prep

The 2×7 Methodology of College Fit is the process our counselors use at Livius Prep. In this methodology, we first help students identify two themes for college applications. We refer to this step as Strategy. The next step is Execution. During this step, students apply these chosen themes to seven different aspects of the application.

Consider the following packages that we offer:

  • Essay Writing Package
    • One-on-one essay review performed with a specialist in college applications
    • Includes brainstorming, organizing, drafting, and perfecting
    • Aligned with chosen themes
  • College Counseling
    • Comprehensive application guidance
    • Thematic focus on every element of the application
    • Financial aid applications
    • Interview preparation
  • Distinguished College Counseling
    • For Ivy League aspirers
    • Most experienced and successful tutors
  • Counseling + Tutoring Bundles
    • Test prep tutoring
    • College app assistance
    • Academic tutoring

Expectations for Your College Counseling Experience

As you schedule an appointment for college counseling, consider the areas where you will need the most help. Our team is ready to help choose courses for your senior year, plan for the SAT or ACT, and identify the extracurriculars that will have the greatest impact on a high school resume.

You’ll also receive guidance regarding college options, letters of recommendation, writing the college essay, studying for the ACT or SAT, planning for college tours, preparing for college interviews, developing time management skills, and learning to study independently.

College counseling services are available online and onsite so that coaching and counseling aren’t limited to a fortunate few.

The majority of your college preparations should occur during the junior year so that you can enjoy the final year of high school without intense concerns over finishing college apps and securing financial aid. The year goes by so quickly; enjoy as many positive memory-making experiences as possible. Our counselors will keep you on track during the high school years to maximize college readiness.

The payoff from college counseling is to begin at the ideal school for your goals and preferences with a sense of independence and preparedness. If you start on the right foot, you’ll be less likely to drop out when studies get hard or homesickness hits.

As students make their way through high school, prepare them for the next phase of life with the best college admissions counselors in the business. Livius Prep, from Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA, provides these professionals with an easy call to (800) 428-8378.