Best ACT Tutors Newton, MA

Strengthen your content knowledge and sharpen your test-taking skills before you take the ACT with the best tutors in Newton, MA at Livius Prep. When you walk into the exam with confidence in your preparation, your score will reflect it.

Best ACT Tutors Newton, MALivius Prep has a strong reputation of student and family support in our 35 years of experience. Consider the following facts:

  • Livius Prep students have earned over 1,000 ACT and SAT scores;
  • Received more than 2,000 Ivy League admissions;
  • Earned an average of $30k in academic-based scholarships per student.

The ACT prep course at Livius Prep focuses on providing students with tips and strategies for taking the exam. Our combination of proven methods, research-based curriculum, and highly trained tutors produces students in the ideal position for a terrific ACT score. You can study with Livius Prep either online or in-person.

Preparing for ACT Exam Day

The score that you make on the ACT is important for college admission consideration. Admission committees will also consider a student’s GPA, the rigor of the courses undertaken, extracurricular activities, and the all-important essay.

The ACT is often considered the most objective measurement of the process. Without a decent score, your application could be immediately discarded during the decision-making process. The max score on the ACT is a 36 and is based upon an average of the scores of the four sections of the exam: math, reading, language, and scientific reasoning.

Even if you do get admitted with a lower score, you could be forced into remedial courses that make your education take longer and cost more.

Prepare with Livius Prep

The tutors at Livius Prep are able to help students prepare for the ACT exam. From improving time management to mapping out a preparation program based upon individual need, our tutors will guide you throughout the process of preparation.

The programs that we use are based upon research-based and effective materials and the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement. With effective preparation and a strategic approach to taking the exam, you will max out your ACT score. Our students typically see a 6-point increase in their ACT scores after preparing with Livius Prep.

ACT prep with Livius Prep takes place online or in person at our locations in Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington.

Prep Essentials is an online, class based approach to ACT preparation. We provide thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests. During the 12 hours of class instruction, students will be able to participate and engage in the process.

Online private tutoring from Livius Prep involves face-to-face online tutoring along with study materials made available with Prep Essentials.

In-person private tutoring occurs at one of our locations and leverages the Livius 8+ Methodology to improve your score.

The unique approach that we use also employs the book series Mastering and Secrets of the ACT. The individual instruction that we provide sets students on the path toward academic success. Doing well on the ACT opens doors that lead directly from highschool to college and beyond.

If you’re getting ready for ACT test day, do so with the help of the best ACT tutors in Newton, MA. Livius Prep offers expertly provided programs that are custom designed for the individual student. Learn more by calling (800) 428-8378.