Best ACT Tutor Newton, MA

Performing well on the ACT is as important as keeping a high GPA for high school students seeking admittance into quality institutions of higher education. To reach the goal score, students often need a bit of assistance, and Livius Prep can provide the best ACT tutor available in Newton, MA, and beyond.

Introducing Livius Prep

Best ACT Tutor Newton, MAChoosing a tutoring agency doesn’t have to be difficult when Livius Prep is on the list of considerations. We offer 35 years of experience and over one million tutoring hours provided as evidence of our abilities. Devotion to student growth and success drives us to provide customized programs that selectively hone gaps in student knowledge and emphasize test-taking abilities to maximize scores.

Livius Prep students have earned over 1,000 perfect SAT/ACT scores, 2,000+ Ivy League admissions; and a $30,000 average of merit-based scholarship packages per student. Our students average a 6-point increase when they retake the exam after studying with us. This kind of success demonstrates how essential Livius Prep can be to ACT preparation.

The Best Way to Prepare for the ACT

Students generally find their own best methods of study, particularly students who perform well enough to be placed in Advanced Placement classes.

  • Independent study
  • Group study
  • ACT Prep Courses
  • Online practice questions and tests
  • Professional classroom guided tutoring
  • Professional 1:1 tutoring

Types of ACT Test Prep

There are several types of ACT test preparation options. Independent study, study groups, and peer tutoring are all options, but professional tutoring uses measures proven to identify targeted areas for improvement and then implement strategies of learning that work for the individual student.

Other options include purchasing study guides, signing up for webinars and online practice tests, and various other ACT preparation materials available online and in stores. With Livius Prep, you gain somewhat of an all-of-the-above approach.

We offer online and in-person as well as classroom and 1:1 tutoring at Livius Prep. Beginning with a Free Foundations course and progressing onward, we offer assistance for every budget.

The online ACT Prep options with Livius Prep include Prep Essentials and 12 Hours Online Private Tutoring, and we offer 12 Hours In-Person Private Tutoring as well. The in-person tutoring that we offer occurs at our locations in Newton, Wellesley, or Lexington, MA.

The Livius Prep tutoring process is interactive and founded on the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement. This step-by-step approach allows the professionals at Livius Prep to avoid overlooking any knowledge gap a student has.

Retention requires engagement, so our tutors prioritize stimulating and meaningful interactions. Even if you choose the online classroom option, the process will be live and allow for questions and answers.

The benefits of a private tutoring approach include the fact that little of the session will be wasted on information that you already know. We’ll identify what you need to learn and focus on those areas.

We use research-based methods of tutoring and a curriculum based on The Mastering and Secrets of the ACT books. The personalized program provided will be created using the simulated test analysis and will culminate with a practice exam and plan of attack.

Livius Prep awaits the opportunity to provide you with the best ACT tutor for in-person sessions in Newton, MA, or online. Explore how an individualized program can help prepare you or the student in your household by calling (800) 428-8378.