Best ACT Online Course

The day that you take your ACT exam should find you prepared to perform to your potential. The best way to ensure that you’re ready comes by engaging in an online ACT prep course. A quality course, like that we offer at Livius Prep, is proven to be the most affordable and effective method of maximizing your score with test-taking skills, content knowledge, and amplified confidence.

The ACT Exam Explained

Best ACT Online CourseThe ACT examination serves as an indication of college readiness. Colleges and universities use these scores to determine acceptance or rejection along with scholarship opportunities and honors placement.

The test itself is timed and covers a wider range of material than the SAT. The ACT is broken into sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Writing (essay) – optional and scored separately

The ACT exam includes more rigorous material than the SAT – double the grammatical questions, longer reading passages, higher math, and a science section, which the SAT omits. The maximum score on the ACT is a 36 – taken as an average of the scores on the four primary sections.

The SAT offers students ample time to take the test and questions that require a different approach while the ACT is clear and timed. We at Livius Prep suggest that students compare the two exams with a measurement designed for this purpose.

The Purpose Behind ACT Prep Courses

An ACT prep course is an effective way to do your best on the examination. Livius Prep provides instruction on skills and strategies for taking the test and targeted content area tutoring. With greater confidence and skill, higher test scores will follow.

Higher ACT scores translate into merit-based scholarships! With a quality high school transcript and ACT scores, you can earn your way through higher learning.

A high ACT score opens doors of opportunity. The path to your maximized life tracks from the college of your choice, to the job of your choice, to career satisfaction. Any adult in the working world can tell you that career satisfaction has a strong correlation to LIFE satisfaction.

The Choice of Livius Prep

Come to Livius Prep for experienced, evidence-based tutoring and test preparation. We have 35 years of experience and employ tutors from some of the finest colleges and universities in the United States.

Our students have achieved:

  • More than 1,000 perfect ACT and SAT scores
  • Over 2,000 Ivy League admissions
  • An average 6-point increase in ACT score
  • An average of $30k in merit-based scholarships PER STUDENT.

Livius Prep ACT Exam Online Preparation Options

  • Prep Essentials
    • Thousands of practice questions
    • Full-length practice tests
    • 12 hours of live online classroom instruction
    • Mastering & Secrets of the ACT series of books
    • Analysis of results from simulated practice test
  • 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring
    • 1-on-1 private prep
    • Online essentials
    • Thousands of practice questions
    • Mastering & Secrets of the ACT series of books
    • Simulated practice test and score analysis

Livius Prep provides an engaging tutoring process that will keep you interested and motivated. With online ACT prep, you can strive toward maximizing your potential without missing out on social activities, part-time work, or extracurricular requirements.

The best online ACT prep course awaits at Livius Prep. To arrange your course of instruction, call (800)428-8378 or reach out online.