AP Exam Tutoring Wellesley, MA

Whether you would like to enhance your college applications, get a leg up on your college course requirements, or simply challenge yourself to a rigorous study while in high school, AP (Advanced Placement) courses are valuable. Each AP course culminates with the opportunity to take an AP exam to receive college credit, and Livius Prep offers tutoring on-site in Wellesley, MA and online.

FYI Concerning Livius Prep

AP Exam Tutoring Wellesley, MAWith locations in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA, Livius Prep offers test prep, academic tutoring, and college counseling from the foremost professionals in the country using processes developed over 35 years of experience. We use the top curriculum and proven methodologies to accomplish goals for our students. With over one million tutoring hours provided, we know how to break down information and explain it in a way that connects to individual students.

About AP Courses and Exams

Advanced Placement courses aren’t required, but they do offer rigor and the opportunity to impress admission boards and jump ahead in the college credits. These courses cover college-level material, and participating students can take an AP exam in that subject near the end of the course in order to qualify for college credit.

It’s important to note that different colleges and universities have different standards for credit, so be sure that you know the required score for the school you’re considering attending.

Livius Prep offers tutoring assistance for students preparing for any of the available AP examinations.

Livius Prep leads the way in academic tutoring with a system that works through:

  • Highly-qualified tutors – Livius Prep tutors are the best of the best. Not only do they matriculate from some of the best universities in the country, but they also receive further training to enhance tutoring further. We also use a best-match procedure to ensure that the tutor provided is most appropriate for your subject matter, learning style, and personality.
  • Convenient access to service – Livius Prep also makes tutoring easy to access. We offer online and in-person options for 1:1 tutoring when it’s convenient for you. Keep your social, employment, club, and other commitments while still preparing for your AP measurement.
  • Personalized tutoring plans – Preparing for an AP exam involves a broad swathe of content, so a targeted plan that first identifies gaps in your understanding and then fills them is the most efficient and effective strategy for preparation.

Livius Prep uses a targeted curriculum, research-based methodology, and well-trained tutors to help students master the content and achieve the highest possible score on AP exams. Following through with study with us, verifying readiness with practice tests, and implementing your test-taking plan on exam day should result in the score you need to earn college credit. A maxed out score will also be well-regarded by admission officials at the universities with whom you’ve applied. If you’re going to spend the time and effort to take the course, why not make the most of the opportunity and master the exam?

If your investment in the efforts you’ve made in your AP courses includes doing well on the AP exam, arrange for tutoring in Wellesley, MA from Livius Prep. Discover more about this or any of our other services – academic tutoring, ACT/SAT prep, and college counseling – by calling (800) 428-8378 or sending your queries online.