AP Exam Tutoring Lexington, MA

AP courses offer high school students the opportunity to challenge themselves and earn credits that count on a college transcript, given they pass the end of course AP exams. Ambitious students who’ve slugged through AP courses should prepare well for the exam, and Livius Prep offers effective tutoring for this purpose in Lexington, MA.

Advanced Placement Courses

AP Exam Tutoring Lexington, MAAP (Advanced Placement) Courses provide a rigorous equivalent to college courses for students still in high school. Students who take these courses get the stimulation they need along with the opportunity to earn college credit and skip some of the basic core courses when they enroll in higher education.

Livius Prep provides preparation assistance for these exams, and we suggest that you take your college readiness exams like the ACT and SAT in early spring to avoid being overwhelmed with exams when the AP exam season begins.

As you plan to take your AP exams, book some time with a Livius Prep tutor. We offer two options – on-site at our center or online.

The on-site tutoring can take place at any of our centers. We offer this service in Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA. You’ll have a one-on-one tutoring experience with a best-fit match tutor. Our tutors matriculate from the best institutions of higher learning in the country, and we employ advanced curriculum and methodology.

The online route is available for students from all over. Your tutoring session will be live – not a pre-recorded lecture. With online tutoring, you gain flexible scheduling so that you can prepare when you’re available and not have to sacrifice work, social, or other commitments. The curriculum is the same top-notch material that we use for in-person tutoring; it’s adapted for online use.

Livius Prep can help students prepare for all AP Exams.

Tips for AP Exam Preparation

Prepare for the Exam from the Beginning of the Class

From the beginning of your Advanced Placement course, the exam at the end of it should be top of mind. Many students procrastinate and cram as much as they can into the days leading up to the exam, but if you consistently reinforce what you’ve already studied and book time with a Livius Prep tutor, you’ll be able to pace yourself and retain more of the knowledge needed to do well on the AP exam.

Focus Preparation Efforts

Preparing for AP exams is an individual effort.

When you come to Livius Prep for preparation efforts, you won’t be sitting through a classroom lecture with 45 minutes focused on content that you’ve already mastered and 15 devoted to your weaknesses. We will focus the study time to meet your level of readiness and strategically build upon the knowledge you have.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you actively prepare for AP exams with Livius Prep and verify preparation status with credible practice exams, you should be on the path toward a worthy score.

Colleges and universities have different standards regarding acceptance, so check with the schools you’re considering to establish your goal score.

Why Choose Livius Prep

Livius Prep has three-and-a-half decades of experience providing academic tutoring and test prep for students. With over one million hours of tutoring provided, we’re well prepared to help you top out your AP exam score in Lexington, MA. Reach out online or by calling (800) 428-8378 for more information about our services.