Algebra Tutor Near Me

Grades are an objective measure of student knowledge and skill. They’re necessary for helping students, parents, and teachers monitor student progress. Unfortunately, they also put an inordinate amount of pressure on students, especially in subjects that are inherently difficult for particular brains. Algebra is one of these subjects, but how do you know when the time has come to search for a Livius Prep tutor “near me” or allow the natural struggle most students experience to run its course?

Algebra Tutor Near MeHeadquartered in Newton, Massachusetts, Livius Prep provides over 35 years of hard-earned expertise, and we rely on a research-driven curriculum, experienced and educated tutors, and a dedication to academics in order to deliver tutoring, test preparation, and readiness counseling.

How to Tell When a Child Needs a Tutor

Waiting until your child requests a tutor is not the best route to take when you have a child who’s struggling. In fact, many students benefit from tutoring even when they aren’t having severe difficulties.

Let’s Consider a Few Instances That Indicate Tutoring Is Appropriate

When You Notice Grades Dropping

Grades are the clearest indication of understanding, but don’t wait for grades to drop precipitously. If you note a slight slip, pay attention, and begin to watch the grades a little bit closer.

If you notice a pattern begin to form, act sooner rather than later. Remediating the problem is much easier the faster it’s addressed.

When You Notice Issues during Math Homework Time

Homework should be challenging, but algebra problems shouldn’t be causing students to have anxiety and frustration on a regular basis. Are a few problems taking longer than they should to complete? Is your child experiencing daily frustration due to math homework?

A strong mathematical foundation is essential as math courses become more difficult. The tutors here at Livius Prep have the skill, education, and desire to help your student develop an understanding and progress toward mastery.

The truth is that teachers don’t always recognize struggling students. They walk a line somewhere between the speedy learners and those that struggle, and too many kids are lost in the shuffle. Be your child’s best advocate.

When a Student Loses the Spark for Math

Some kids love math until they hit algebra. The subject can be confusing and intimidating. In these cases, if the confusion continues consistently, these students can lose any passion they once had for the subject of math. Don’t let this happen. Arrange for a tutor from Livius Prep to help your student keep the flame for math and learning alive!

When You Get a Gut Feeling

Whether you’ve had a change in circumstances that makes your presence less frequent, you’ve noticed a lack of confidence in your child, or you just notice a difference in attitude, your best solution would be to hire a tutor from Livius Prep. Use your parental instincts; don’t ignore them.

How to Find an Algebra Tutor

The right algebra tutor for your child is right here at Livius Prep. You could waste time searching in the community and online, but we offer experience and bona fides that can’t be replicated without success and best practices.

We have completed over one million tutoring hours, have helped over 2,000 students earn their way into the Ivy League, and have led our students to earn, on average, $30k in scholarships each.

If you’re looking for an algebra tutor “near me,” the online academic tutoring at Livius Prep means that we’re always the best solution. Explore all of our programs by calling (800)428-8378.