ACT Tutoring Wellesley, MA

Whether you prefer in-person tutoring or would like to keep your distance, preparing for the ACT in Wellesley, MA, is as easy as signing up with Livius Prep. Our methods identify student needs, emphasize exam mastery, and accommodate individual learning preferences.

ACT Tutoring Wellesley, MALivius Prep knows how to reach students where they are and guide them toward where they want to be. We have 35 years of experience and over 1,000,000 hours of tutoring provided. This history demonstrates our expertise and continued customer satisfaction. If you have a student in your household who needs help with academic subjects in grades 6-12, private high school admittance exams, or the ACT/SAT, come to Livius Prep.

The Livius 8+ Methodology for Test Score Improvement

Our measures are targeted and research-based for the personalized plan for each student.

  1. Compare
  2. Match
  3. Plan
  4. Enlighten
  5. Practice
  6. Challenge
  7. Adapt
  8. Execute

During the compare stage, we ask students to take the free exam we offer comparing the ACT and SAT tests. Then, we’ll match you with a tutor best able to cater to your personality and learning style and create a customized plan for your tutorial program. This program will include enlightenment over test-taking strategies and practice required for improvement. Then, we’ll challenge you to practice tests in real-life scenarios and adapt performance in response. Finally, on the day of the test, you’ll have a plan in place and ready for execution.

What to Expect from the ACT Exam

The ACT exam includes four sections: match, science, reading, and language with an optional writing portion. The maximum score is a 36 and is an average of the scores on the four sections of the test. The ACT is timed with 2 hours and 55 minutes allowed and an optional 40 additional minutes for the writing portion.

Livius Prep as the Clear Choice

When choosing a tutor for your ACT Prep, Livius Prep is the ideal option. Our students have successfully achieved over 1,000 perfect scores on the ACT and SAT, and we have helped over 2,000 aspiring Ivy Leaguers make their dreams come true. If scholarship money is of interest to you, consider the fact that our students receive an average of $30k in merit-based scholarship aid. If you’re ready for a 6 point increase on your ACT score, reach out to Livius Prep to find out how.

Preparing for the ACT exam at Livius Prep is a customized experience. We won’t waste your time and our own covering material you already know. Instead, we’ll identify your learning gaps and fill them. We’ll also emphasize helping you establish independent study skills and test-taking strategies.

Online, we provide access to thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests. You’ll be able to prepare when you have free time and maintain your job, social, extracurricular, and religious obligations.

Our students deserve the best, so we hire the best tutors in the arena. We have a long-term turnaround with most of our tutors remaining with the company for seven years. We hire graduates from the most prestigious colleges and universities in the United States and provide tutor-specific training to benefit the individual student.

If you’re interested in ACT tutoring in Wellesley, MA, consider Livius Prep. For more info, drop us a line at or give us a ring at (800) 428-8378.