ACT Tutoring Near Me

If you’re searching ACT tutoring near me, find the best solution with Livius Prep. We provide online and in-person courses designed to leverage our procedures, build upon existing knowledge, and adjust tutoring to the individual.

ACT Tutoring Near MeOur specialty lies in individualizing the tutoring approach to preparation. We offer a proven formula that has been developed over 37 years of tutoring and 1 million+ hours of tutoring provided. Livius Prep provides all of the following services and programs:

  • ACT/SAT exam preparation
  • High school admission exam preparation
  • Academic tutoring for grades 6-12
  • College counseling

At Livius Prep, the Livius 8+ Methodology for Test Score Improvement drives every course, allowing us to focus and individually structure a course for each student. Consider the 8 steps.

Step 1: Compare the SAT and ACT. Which should the student take? To answer this question, we offer a FREE comparison test to help students choose.

Step 2: Match the student with the best tutor and class level for him or her.

Step 3: Custom tailor a Plan that guides further study, instruction, and practice.

Step 4: Enlighten students regarding test-taking strategies and skills. The Foundations course that we provide is a FREE resource to assist with this step, and at the end, it will help our professional team complete step 3. Steps 3 and 4 tend to overlap.

Step 5: Practice to help build students’ confidence and skills.

Step 6: Challenge students with practice in a realistic test-taking atmosphere.

Step 7: Teach the student to Adapt his or her test-taking approach to prioritize the most important elements.

Step 8: Prepare the student to Execute a plan for taking the test.

ACT Elements FYI

  • Four sections:
    • Math
    • Science
    • Reading
    • Language
  • Scores max out at 36
  • Timed (2:55 allowed)

Choose Livius Prep

Livius Prep is a great option for students planning to prepare for the ACT. We’ve helped students achieve more than 1,000 ACT/SAT exam scores, over 5,000 Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k in academic scholarships per student. In the last decade, our students see a gain of 6 points on their ACT score after participating in our exam prep courses.

Livius Prep creates an individually designed plan for student progress, as required by Step 3 of the Livius 8+ Methodology. By identifying targeted areas for improvement, we limit time wasted for maximum effect.

By providing online access to ACT preparation, we extend our reach worldwide. We offer thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests for students to use on the go. Consider the dedication students have to their smartphones, and imagine the power of leveraging the time they would spend snapping their friends and creating Tik Tok videos and directing it into online preparation for the ACT with Livius Prep!

The tutors here at Livius Prep are graduates from the best institutions of higher learning in the country. They work with us on an employee basis, staying here for an average of seven years, and we supply training meant to help tutors leverage their education and translate it to students in a way that produces engagement and learning.

For ACT tutoring near me to work, personal responsibility and buy-in from the student matters. At Livius Prep, we address individuals on a personal basis, helping students build from where they are to achieve the score they desire. Learn more about our process and practices by calling (800) 428-8378.