ACT Test Preparation Newton, MA

Experienced Livius Prep tutors in Newton, MA can help your student with ACT test preparation with a focus on boosting scores, strengthening study skills and improving confidence.  We can help students master confidence and strategies that will continue to reward them in school and beyond.

Livius Prep, headquartered in Newton, MA, was founded in 1984. Our offices feature state-of-the-art technology in every tutoring space and classrooms for group instruction. We also have locations in Andover, Lexington and Wellesley, MA, and Syosset, NY.

ACT Test Preparation Newton, MAThe talented team of Livius Prep instructors is equipped to tutor students in all subjects and includes Ph.D. and master’s degree recipients in fields, such as engineering, physics, molecular biology, cultural and world history, and the English language.

Benefits of Test Prep Courses

There are several key reasons that make test prep an essential part of the college application process.

  1. Competition is stiff, and acceptance rates to some colleges, such as the Ivy Leagues schools, can be as low as 5%. Developing test-taking skills and strategies can give students an edge over the competition.
  2. Many college scholarships that are awarded for academic excellence are not available to students unless they reach a specific PSAT, SAT or ACT score. In general, the higher the score, the more college scholarships are available.
  3. ACT scores are an equalizer for colleges, placing students from all high schools across the country on a level playing field. If a student’s grades and activities are not exceptional, a higher score may be able to get him or her into a college or university that would otherwise say no.

Effective ACT test prep can boost students’ scores and help them reach the goals they have been striving for. But not all test prep is alike.

ACT Test Prep/Tutoring

Livius Prep’s ACT test prep and tutoring includes strategies and tips refined from over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience. We can help you prepare for one or more parts of the test, or for the whole test.

Take advantage of small-group prep classes or one-on-one private tutoring with our proprietary strategies and materials, actual conditions practice tests, and an SAT/ACT comparison test. One-on-one test preparation enables your student to work with an experienced instructor who can tailor each and every lesson to meet their academic needs.

ACT Practice Tests

Taking an ACT practice test can give you a feel for the test and the ways in which it differs from the SAT. The ACT includes a science section, allows less time for answering questions, and its essay portion is structured differently.

For some students, the ACT format can be smooth sailing, while for others it can be a stressful experience. Take the time to learn whether the ACT is right for you by taking the Livius Prep Actual Conditions ACT Practice Test.

Our tutoring series and group classes offer multiple practice opportunities. We also offer an a la carte option for students who are not yet enrolled. Our academic directors can schedule your practice test in person or by phone.

At Livius Prep in Newton, MA, one-on-one test preparation tutors have everything it takes to help dramatically lift ACT scores. Get in touch with us at 800-428-TEST (800-428-8378) to learn more about our current offers and pricing.