ACT Test Prep Online for Free

Taking the ACT can be a major worry for high school students, particularly if they have a primary school that interests them for higher learning. The results of the ACT test can be quite determinative to their futures, so Livius Prep urges students to take advantage of the programs that we offer for free online.

ACT Test Prep Online for FreeLivius Prep has an over three-decades-long commitment to providing academic assistance for students. Our students typically see a 6-point score increase on the ACT, and the average Livius Prep student earns $30k in academic scholarships.

During the last decade, we have helped students earn over 1,000 perfect ACT/SAT scores and over 2,500 Ivy League admissions.

A Targeted Approach to ACT Preparation

As students get ready to take the ACT, targeted measures are most appropriate. The ACT test itself consists of an English, math, reading, and science reasoning section, so we work diligently to identify the areas that need work and leave those already mastered alone.

Arming Test Takers with Strategies

Most students require work to develop the strategies needed to successfully maximize their ACT test scores. We can provide students with strategies, skills, and practice to overcome these challenges.

Overcoming Testing Fears, Doubts, Anxieties, and Fatigue

When students fear the test, their performance will be off. Perfection comes through practice, so well before exam day, students should be familiar with the test and practice in simulated environments to the actual exam day.

A Best-Fit Tutor Promise

Livius Prep tutors are second to none. We hire tutors who have degrees from the best higher learning institutions in the nation, and then we train them to use our methods and meet student needs for engagement. If a student finds that the tutor we provide is not a good match, we offer a best fit promise to replace that tutor with another expert in the field.

Preparing for the ACT online with Livius Prep is the best way for busy students to fully prepare on a flexible schedule, putting in time when they have time.

Livius Prep ACT Programs

  • Prep Essentials – 12 Hours of Online Class Instruction + Online Essentials (thousands of practice questions and full-length practice tests)
  • 12 Hours Live Online Private Tutoring + Online Essentials
  • 12 Hours In-Center Private Tutoring + all Livius resources

Free Livius Prep Resources for the ACT

Students can come to Livius Prep for two free resources that truly provide an excellent starting point for preparation. The first is a Comparison Test, wherein students can discover whether they would be more likely to perform well on the ACT or the SAT. The test also provides nine areas that we believe you should focus on for the best results as well as insights into how testing pitfalls are affecting your performance.

The second free resource is the Foundations Program. This course includes two classes within one week, hosted online and led by a testing professional. The course teaches test-taking strategies specifically for the exam.

After completing this course, students can choose to sit for a proctored, live, online practical exam for a fee of $50. This exam will allow us to provide a ten-page report outlining a blueprint for score improvement.

If students then choose to continue with a Livius Prep program, we will credit the $50 fee toward the cost of tutoring.

Make sure that you’re as ready as can be for the ACT test with help from Livius Prep and the online materials that we make available for free. Start by registering for the Foundations Course today.