ACT Test Prep Near Me in Newton, MA

Livius Prep ACT test prep is always available “near me” through online measures and in-person at our center in Newton, MA. With a custom program directed by one of our highly qualified tutors, students are able to prepare for performance that will open doors and earn scholarships.

Introducing Livius Prep

ACT Test Prep Near Me in Newton, MALivius Prep is an experienced provider of tutoring, test prep, and college counseling. Our 37 years of experience have allowed us to build a system of methodology, a pool of tutors, and a research-backed curriculum that achieves fantastic results.

Over the past decade, we have successfully helped students earn over 1,000 perfect SAT and ACT scores, gain over 5,000 admissions to Ivy League schools, and $30k on average in merit-based scholarships per student. Students who are preparing for the ACT exam see an average of 6 additional points on the overall score.

Introducing the ACT

The ACT exam is a milestone test in a high schooler’s education. The score can determine the college, financial aid, and even college courses that a student can expect.

The test itself consists of four subtests that evaluate the use of language, math, reading, and science reasoning, and students can choose to add on an optional writing test. Without the writing test, students have 2 hours and 55 minutes to take the exam, and with it, they can expect an additional 45 minutes.

The specific content of the ACT can be considered both easier and more difficult than the SAT, depending on what you know and how you think.

With twice the number of language usage questions, longer reading questions, higher math, and a science reasoning question, the ACT exam does test significantly more content knowledge than the SAT. However, the SAT tests logic, problem solving, and critical thinking that other students will find more challenging. Most students find the ACT easier to prepare for.

Livius Prep Preparation Is the Best Preparation

Livius Prep uses our own tried-and-true methodology to customize and implement a bespoke tutoring plan. We blend research-based data analysis and skilled tutoring to provide students with the best possible preparation.

Consider the ultimate results possible with the Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement:

  • Compare – Choose between the ACT and SAT exams
  • Match – Best-fit promise for tutor/class level
  • Plan – Custom blueprint for score improvement
  • Enlighten – Impart test-taking strategies and content knowledge
  • Practice – Targeted practice for developing skill, knowledge, and confidence
  • Challenge – Test in simulated, realistic conditions
  • Adapt – Prioritize preparation for elements with largest impact on score
  • Execute – Implement exam day plan

The entire program of ACT test preparation will be founded on an evaluation of the student’s particular strengths, weaknesses, and aptitudes.

The tutor who implements this custom plan will come from a staff of well-trained tutors, most of whom are graduates of the finest colleges and universities in the US.

With a stellar ACT score, a student can gain scholarships, first-choice admission, and more, but the opposite is true as well. A low score can close doors to opportunities. Choose Livius Prep ACT test prep as you search for options “near me” in Newton, MA. We also provide online options and have centers in Lexington and Wellesley. To secure your place on our schedule, contact us online or call (800) 428-8378.