ACT Test Prep Near Me in Lexington, MA

For residents of Lexington, MA, the most effective in-center ACT test prep “near me” is found with Livius Prep. From test strategies to remediation of learning gaps, time management skills, and more, our service will have you ready to perform well come test day.

About Livius Prep

ACT Test Prep Near Me in Lexington, MALivius Prep operates out of Newton, Lexington, and Wellesley, MA. We have over 37 years of experience providing students with exam prep, academic tutoring, and college coaching.

Consider our results over the last decade:

  • 1,000+ perfect ACT and SAT exam scores
  • 5,000+ Ivy League admissions
  • $30,000 average academic scholarships per student
  • 6 point increase on the ACT on average

FYI about the ACT Exam

Of the two common college readiness exams, the ACT and the SAT, the ACT is more popular globally, and the test is as widely accepted as the SAT exam.

The ACT exam has four sections:

  • English
  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science Reasoning
  • Optional – Writing Exam

The time allowed for the exam is 2 hours and 55 minutes unless you elect to take the Writing Exam as well which will add another 45 minutes.

As students choose whether to take the ACT or SAT, it’s useful to know that the ACT features twice the grammar questions, longer reading passages, higher math, and a science section as opposed to the SAT which will examine logic and critical thinking rather than knowledge.

ACT scores range up to 36, and the results are a mean of the scores of each of the subtests. To earn a perfect exam score (36), a student is able to make a 35 or 34 on one of the exams, but the achievement is definitely a difficult one.

To help our students make this decision, we at Livius Prep offer a Comparison exam to show students which is more in line with their aptitudes and knowledge base.

If you plan to take the exam more than once, take advantage of the new super scoring system that allows colleges to consider the best scores from each of the sections to create a composite score.

Consider Livius Prep ACT Test Preparation

Students who come to Livius Prep for help find that we provide world-class tutoring, made possible through our methodology, curriculum, and tutors. We strive to provide tutoring that is engaging and effective with a targeted purpose.

The program will begin by establishing a foundation of test-taking skills and strategies along with a clear idea of the student’s strengths and weaknesses. We then teach, practice, and prepare in realistic circumstances.

The curriculum that we use to prepare our students is based on Mastering and Secrets of the ACT book series, and we also have a wealth of online resources including thousands of practice questions and full-length tests. Our methodology, the Livius 8+, leverages our experience and expertise. The process compares the two tests, matches the student to the best tutor or class, creates a bespoke plan for improvement, enlightens with test-taking strategies, practices in a targeted fashion, challenges the student with realistic settings, adapts to the highest priority elements, and executes the plan on the day of attack.

Set your table for future success with an outstanding ACT test result with the help of the best prep service “near me” for those in Lexington, MA: Livius Prep. We also provide online services as well as in-center programs in Wellesley and Newton. Discover more by calling (800) 428-8378 or contacting us online.