ACT Test Prep Courses

ACT Test Prep courses from Livius Prep can help students make the leap from average to scholarship earning. We provide targeted, research-based methods for students to amplify performance through quality preparation.

Quality Preparation for Quality Performance

ACT Test Prep CoursesA perfect ACT score is a 36. This number is the mean of all four sections of the exam: English, math, reading, and science reasoning. The ACT is a bit more forgiving than the SAT. You can hypothetically score less than a 36 on one or two sections and still achieve an average of 36 to earn a perfect score. However, your preparation efforts should be to practice to perfection.

Prepare with Livius Prep

Students who choose to prepare with Livius Prep have online or in-person options. We offer a Prep Essentials online course with 12 hours of live, class instruction, 12-Hours Online Private Tutoring, and 12-Hours In-Center Private Tutoring.

We have three decades and over one million tutoring sessions of experience. In the past ten years, 1,000+ students have earned perfect ACT/SAT exam scores, 2,000+ Ivy League admissions, and an average of $30k per student.

Each of the programs that we provide is customized toward the student, but we do use a common methodology for reaching the goal: Livius 8+ Methodology for Score Improvement.

With Livius Prep’s methodology, your plan of improvement will target areas that need improvement, develop strategies for taking the test, grow confidence, and fill learning gaps.

The tutors provided for our students matriculate from the best colleges and universities in the country and work as employees rather than independent contractors. We make sure that our tutors are able to meet the needs of students, helping them engage with material and filling in learning deficits.

Free Livius Prep Resources

We offer assistance for all budgets, and the best place to begin is with our free resources. We provide both an ACT/SAT Comparison Test and Foundations Program. The Comparison Test will clue the student in to which exam they should take, provide nine key areas on which to focus, and give students some insight as to how much of an effect testing challenges are having on scores.

The Foundation Course takes the student to the next level of preparation. During the course, students will participate in two classes, held online and led by a testing professional, over the course of a week. The courses will teach students how to best navigate the test with strategies for answering questions and methods for overcoming challenges like anxiety, fatigue, etc.

At the course’s end, students will have the opportunity to sit for a proctored, live exam over Zoom for the cost of $50. The Livius Prep team will take this data to create a blueprint for score improvement. The student will be able to meet with an Advisor to go over the 10-page results package to break down all of the information.

Then, students can choose whether to continue on to a tutoring program with Livius Prep, study independently, or follow a different route of test preparation altogether.

Now that you’re familiar with the ACT test prep courses offered by Livius Prep, we’re confident that you will want to register for our free foundations course. No matter where you find yourself on your journey toward taking the ACT, do all you can to prepare for success with Livius Prep.