ACT Prep Tutoring Wellesley, MA

Livius Prep understands that ACT Prep is about so much more than knowledge, and our tutoring programs in Wellesley, MA, reflect this understanding. Come to us for a course that demonstrates pacing, teaches strategies for test success, and remediates weak areas with targeted instruction and practice.

ACT Prep Tutoring Wellesley, MALivius Prep has provided students with much-needed assistance for over 37 years. We use research-based methods, quality tutors, and advanced curriculum to provide academic tutoring, exam prep, and college counseling.

Which College Readiness Exam Is Better?

The answer to this question will depend on the individual student. While both tests are generally used to demonstrate college readiness, the ACT evaluates what you know, and the SAT evaluates how you think. We at Livius Prep offer a free resource to help you make this all too important decision. Navigate to our website and take the free SAT/ACT Comparison Test.

Introduction to the ACT Exam

Students who choose the ACT should expect to see four sections, each one with a time limit. The sections include English, Math, Reading, and Science Reasoning in addition to an optional Writing Test.

The ACT asks twice as many grammar questions, includes longer reading passages, and incorporates more difficult advanced math questions than the SAT. However, the SAT exam may ask more logic-based, analytical questions than the ACT exam.

Getting Ready for ACT Exam Day

Taking the ACT exam can be a stressful occasion. Doing well on the test can open doors for students, but a poor performance can have the opposite effect. Programs at Livius Prep will help you prepare with practice and instruction designed to fill gaps in content knowledge, build confidence, and master test-taking strategies.

Learn the Test – Becoming familiar with the structure of the ACT will improve performance considerably. The test is 2 hours and 55 minutes long, with each section following a strict time limit, so learning to pace oneself and answer questions at a steady rate is critical to success.

Learn Where You Need Improvement – Since the ACT measures depth of knowledge, you can prepare for the exam in an explicit fashion that is more tangible than preparation for the SAT. With the foundational exam that we provide, we can establish the areas that you need to improve and target tutoring toward those areas. This step will save time and produce far better results than a generic, one-size-fits-all approach.

The Livius Prep approach leverages the Livius+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores in combination with the Mastering & Secrets of the ACT books. We hire the best tutors with educational backgrounds from the elite institutions of higher learning in the United States and provide intensive training to ensure that they provide appropriate and effective tutoring methods for the individual student.

The Livius+ Methodology for Improving Test Scores is a focused approach to reach exam mastery. The methodology includes:

  • Compare the ACT to the SAT and choose the better exam for your aptitudes.
  • Match the student to the best-fit tutor or class level depending on the program chosen.
  • Plan a customized program for student improvement.
  • Enlighten the student with explicit strategies and tips for test-taking and fill knowledge gaps.
  • Practice, practice, and practice some more to build confidence and abilities.
  • Challenge students with realistic, simulated practice conditions.
  • Adapt preparation efforts to students’ needs and most important elements.
  • Execute with a plan for test day success.

You’re not ACT ready until you’ve participated in Livius Prep tutoring out of Wellesley, MA. Call today for your place on our schedule: (800) 428-8378.